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Team 4: Ben, Jonathan, Ray and John from Exeter.

The fourth quest of Series 5 was for the Shield and lasted 63 minutes.

Level 1

Ben begins with a flight on Smirkenorff. The dragon flies him to a castle.

Treguard: "As it's no secret, I'll tell you - you're in for a bit of a ride!"

Outside the castle gates, Ben finds clues. A scroll reads: 'Look - but not here.'

Ben takes a spyglass and some silver, leaving behind some rope and an arrow.

Deeper in the castle, Motley the Jester is stuck in the pillory. He says an elf has locked him in.

Motley asks Ben to find a green stone and bargain with her to release him. After Ben agrees, the jester shows him how to use the spyglass.

Spyglass: Lord Fear warns Skarkill that if he fails to catch the dungeoneer, his goblins will be put in charge of him.

The team proceeds. In a clearing, they find the trader Julius Scaramonger having a drink.

Julius Scaramonger: Who do I have the pleasure of diddling? I mean, dealing with?

Scaramonger tries to sell Ben a firestone but the team insist on a green stone. He exchanges one for the silver.

Ben finds the elf, Elita, who tries to scare him off.

  • Pickle: "Elita gives elves a bad name."
  • Treguard: "Be fair, Pickle. She gives everyone a bad name."

Ben makes her promise to release Motley before handing over the green stone. Once she has the beryl, she gives the team a rhyme of colours.

The causeway is made up of coloured tiles. The team follows Elita's combination to cross safely.

Motley soon catches up with Ben. He provides the password to Level 1.

In a large courtyard, Ben is confronted by a blocker. Motley's password clears the way.

Hordriss the Confuser is sat by the gateway. He warns Ben about the reliability of the descender - in droll fashion.

Hordriss: "That's the trouble with things operated by magic. They tend to go through the occasional 'bad spell'… One did actually make a joke there."

As instructed, the team halt the descender after four levels to reach Level 2.

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