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Team 5: Jenna, Andrea, Kelly and Anna from Exeter.

The fifth quest of Series 5 was for the Crown and lasted 19 minutes.

Level 1

Jenna follows the Eye Shield to a clearing where she finds clues.

A scroll reads: 'Buy aniseed. Don't open the box.'

She takes gold and a box, leaving behind a key and a bottle of poison.

Jenna reaches a jetty, where Brother Mace is waiting in a boat. He says the aniseed is needed for a flight on Smirkenorff.

Brother Mace: "A donation to the mother church would be in order, but I fear you're going to need every penny you've got."

In Wolfenden, Julius Scaramonger tries to sell Jenna a potion-mixing bottle.

She asks for aniseed instead, exchanging it for gold. Scaramonger also offers a spyglass as a show of goodwill.

Spyglass: Fear lacks confidence in Sylvester Hands to catch the dungeoneer, so he will set assassins and a blocker. He gives Hands the password, 'Sacrifice'.

In the Greenwood, Pickle senses an assassin. Jenna shouts to scare them off.

Gwendoline the Greenwarden rushes in, incensed at the noise. She shoots at the assassins to stop them tracking Jenna.

Jenna reaches a courtyard, where Sylvester Hands approaches her. He plans to sell the box she is carrying, but Pixel flies out and stings him until he leaves.

Jenna uses the password to escape the Blocker. Treguard tell them to leave a sword in a stone, in case the wall returns.

The causeway is made up of tiles with questing symbols.

Treguard: "The path of aggression, or the path of defence. The choice is yours..."


The team begins on the path of defence, but then Jenna is guided onto a sword. Down she goes.

Treguard: "You chose the right path, team, but you didn't stay on it."

Later, Andrea told us what went wrong.

That second symbol looked like a Frightknight's helmet from where I was sat… Kelly and I both agreed that's what it was, and that we should head for the sword. We were also under a lot of pressure from Treguard who kept telling us to hurry.

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