A cropped 1994 character shot of Honesty Bartram (Bill Cashmore).

In Memory of Bill Cashmore

By David Goldstein

Remembering Bill Cashmore (1961-2017), who appeared in Series 8 of Knightmare.

Bill played four characters in Knightmare's eighth series: Honesty Bartram the trader, Snapper-Jack the fool-taker and Bhal & Shebah, split personalities of the Lord Fear's red dragon Bhal-Shebah.

Bill quickly made his mark. In the first episode of Series 8, Bhal-Shebah stopped a team on Level 1 and relished the moment

Honesty Bartram and Snapper-Jack, meanwhile, ranged across all three levels of the dungeon, challenging teams with deceptive deals and wily riddles.

For many of us, Snapper-Jack was the standout performance, enhancing the renewed claustrophobia of the Series 8 dungeon. He was menacing and unsettling as a Knightmare adversary should be, with his reedy voice, giant net and snapdragon arm. A shame we never got to see him capture a fool.

A 1994 character shot of Snapper Jack (Bill Cashmore).

Bill Cashmore was certainly no fool. He performed with Cambridge Footlights, a contemporary of David Baddiel and Nick Hancock. He went on to appear in everything from Kavanagh QC and Casualty to Men Behaving Badly and Brass Eye. You may also remember his sketches on Gimme Five on Saturday mornings in the '90s.

But there were far more feathers in Bill's cap than acting. He was also a teacher, playwright, journalist, Green Party candidate, cricketer, marathon runner, husband, cat owner and collector of baked bean tins.

People have been paying tribute to Bill on social media:

Our condolences to Bill's family, friends and colleagues: the many lives and livelihoods to which he made a difference. We will always be grateful to Bill for being such a memorable part of Knightmare.

As he showed in his entry in our guestbook and his contribution to Knightmare's 25th anniversary documentary, it was a show he cared about not just while he was in it, but before and after too:

It was a great experience for me, I was actually a fan of the show before I joined so it was an honour to join the cast. I loved every minute of it and it's a real joy to see that Knightmare, although sadly over, lives on in everyone's hearts.

Bill Cashmore

Thank you, Bill.

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