Coloured pencil set and partially completed drawing.
Photo by Javier Gonzalez from Pexels.

Graphics Projects

Knightmare has been a source of inspiration for a number of graphics-related projects

Such projects include fan-art from Knightmare community members, and a number of cartoons by professional cartoonists. We have also seen a number of attempts to recreate the Knightmare dungeon in VR (such as via the oculus rift), and attempts to graphically create the dungeon using graphical tools such as photoshop.

In This Section

A Variety of Fanart

Coloured pencil set and partially completed drawing.
Photo by Javier Gonzalez from Pexels.

A selection of fan art from fans of Knightmare who were inspired by the show.

Adult Knightmare Artwork

Keith Seymour - Knightmare art - header

Imagine Knightmare was brought back for an adult audience.

Artwork: Gwendoline and Smirkenorff

Gwendoline and Smirkenorff fanart

Tatum Flynn has painted Gwendoline and Smirkenorff as seen in Knightmare Series 5 (1991).

Knightmare Comic Series

Series 4 - Level 1 - Fatilla affected by JOKE spell

Knightmare fan and former forumite Mark 'Frightknight' Dowling has created a mini comic series to toast 25 years since the fantasy series first graced the screens of Children's ITV.

Knightmare DVD Case Project

Blue and black DVD. Photo by Gio Bartlett on Unsplash.

Alex Fruen has sent in a picture of a possible future DVD case for Knightmare.

Knightmare Funnies

Comic Art Sketch. Photo by Khairul Nizam from Pexels.

Rainecloud has created a set of funny scenarios out of standard Knightmare dungeon rooms. Enjoy the captions.

Knightmare Halloween

Dungeoneer Halloween costume 2001 or 2003

A Knightmare fan sent us pictures of a costume they made for Halloween 2003!

Knightmare Meets Oculus Rift, Part 1

Oculus rift in brick background

Knightmare fan Jamesuk tells how he brought Knightmare and the Oculus Rift platform together in spectacular style.

Knightmare Meets Oculus Rift, Part 2

Oculus rift in brick background

In Part 1, Knightmare fan Jamesuk told us about his quest to bring Knightmare to Oculus Rift. Here, he takes us through the dungeon rooms he's recreated from the first six series.

Knightmare Screensaver

The level one dungeon shield room.

Download a Knightmare screensaver, courtesy of the good folks at YouTube who produced Geek Week.

Making a Fan-inspired Dungeon Room

Dungeon designed in photoshop

Alex Fruen takes us through his process for designing and creating a fan-inspired Knightmare dungeon room.

Treguard the Driving Instructor

Treguard holding helmet of justice

Classic Knightmare fan art from Andrew Morrice.