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RPG Season 2 Quest 3

By Nicholas Lam

The third quest in the second season of the Interactive Knightmare RPG. The team is Sidriss, Jeff and Andrew.

Session 5 - 08 October 2000

Treguard is the host (Adam Battersby)

The third team is Sidriss, Jeff and Andrew.

Image of Treguard for the Knightmare RPG

Treguard Ah you're here. Well, it's about time. I was starting to worry. Just as well you weren't late, as I was about to close the main gate; you wouldn't believe what would come through!

Treguard As I recall last week, time stopped for everyone here at a most inconvenient time. Just in case you need a reminder, here's a progress report!

Game On!


Enter Stranger. Hmm. You don't look very tough; I just hope for your sake that you don't meet anything, unpleasant in the dungeon depths. Please state your name and age please.

Sidriss I am Sidriss and I am 20

Treguard And where do you hail from?

Sidriss East Anglia

Treguard I wouldn't like to go there, but then again, who would?

Treguard And you go into the dungeon unaided? You must have 2 friends, please call their names now and loudly!

Sidriss Enter Andrew and Jeff!

Treguard Welcome to my humble castle. It isn't much to look at from the outside, but I assure you, it's quite cosy inside. You all look terribly cold. Here, come closer to the fire where it's much warmer. Er, what are your names and where do you all come from?

Andrew Andrew from Keighley (sadly)

Sidriss Jeff: I am Jeff, also from East Anglia

Treguard Ok then; let's get to grips with this adventure then. I expect that you've already read the rules and regulations of the dungeon provided on the Knightmare website. If not, well, it's just tough luck as websites haven't been invented yet here. For those who merely watch, here's a brief reminder. On your travels you make take two objects unless told otherwise. You can possess as many spells as you like but only cast 3 in the whole adventure.

Treguard Your health status is represented by a display shown in the top right of the magic mirror. This doesn't always appear, but it goes through a few stages. In green you are at full strength. When it turns yellow, you should be on the lookout for food, and on red you are in grave danger. There are 3 stages when the life force is red. On the 3rd red stage, you are dead!

Treguard Put food into your knapsack, and also designate a person on your team who will cast out spells, and one who will give directions. If you all give directions, or answers to a riddle, then the first answer / direction will be taken. Good Luck.

Treguard Sidriss = Action caller.

Treguard Andrew = Spell Caster.

Treguard Right. Are you ready?

Andrew yes

Sidriss Yes

Treguard Well then, face the dungeon door and take a brave step into the unknown. Good luck!

A hall of choice for the Knightmare RPG

Treguard You enter a plain room with four exits. Each exit has a narrow path leading up to it. In between each path is a sharp drop. Above each door is a symbol, each one being different.

Treguard Yes, team. This is the hall of choice. Here you must choose an object which you are to redeem in your quest. Will it be the cup that heals (which some call the chalice), the sword of freedom, the shield of justice or the crown in glory?

Treguard Go through any of the doors and you will choose that quest, stay where you are on the question mark, and your choice will be determined. Also, by staying on the question mark, you could be assigned a quest not available to you by choice.

Andrew your choice sid, jeff

Treguard For example, freeing someone, etc.

Andrew I'm easy

Treguard It's your choice team but choose quickly and wisely. May I suggest you choose the one that best suits you. There isn't really any difference in the difficulty between any of the quests.

Sidriss I vote sword

Andrew Sword? ok by me

Sidriss We go to the sword

Treguard Ah the Sword, an excellent choice

Treguard You go through the portal with the sword above it

A chicken farm in the second season of the Knightmare RPG.

Treguard You enter a small farmyard. Ahead of you is a windmill and to the right some small barns. There are two exits that are hidden from view.

Treguard One is just around the other side of the windmill, and the other is around the other side of the barn. In front of you a man hangs with a torch in his hand.

Treguard "ARGHHHHHH!! Helees watches those who watch the watching watchers. Is your purpose fair or foul?"

Sidriss Fair

Andrew I think we're fair too

Treguard "Fair enough. I guard these yards and keep a watchful eye especially in these dark times, and trust me, it is VERY dark. Since the last quest took place, Level 1 has become a dark place so that those traveling through here are led astray from the path, and to encourage inhabitants from Level 2 to migrate here.

Treguard Luckily, we won't see that many Level 2 creatures here for a while, but there will come a time when Level 1 is in jeopardy. My torch cannot shed any light upon the matter or Level 1. What is it you wish of me?"

Andrew advice? help?

Sidriss Can you give us information about the sword?

Treguard "One who is on a quest must always possess knowledge. I do in fact have some information for you. Listen. Somewhere along the path is a meeting at the court. Apparently, some poor fool is on trial for a crime they did not commit.

Treguard This court room will lie along your path, and it is your job to help convince the court that the 3 convictions are wrong. Now go, as this place is to be inhabited by something unpleasant, very soon. GO NOW!

Sidriss Where are the exits?

Treguard there are two around the corner

Andrew go there then?

Sidriss Yes, we go to the exits

Treguard You exit

A floating fish in the second season of the Knightmare RPG.

Treguard You go around the back of the building and continue along a dirt track. You enter a small area where the path continues round the corner (where there is an exit) but in front of you is a flying fish.

Andrew oh dear

Sidriss o-k

Treguard Interesting

Andrew can it talk?

Sidriss Hello?

Treguard Bob

Andrew hi Bob

Treguard Bob Bob Bob

Andrew Bobby bob bob

Sidriss one bob for yes, 2 bobs for no?

Andrew maybe it's just useless

Andrew a red herring (pardon the pun)

Treguard I suppose you think that I'm a thick fish like any other.

Andrew or maybe not

Sidriss Not at all

Andrew say no, you look intelligent

Sidriss anyway, it's black

Andrew true

Treguard I'm just waiting for the tide to come in so aren't really any use to you

Andrew oh dear - don't die will you

Treguard Oh no. Don't worry

Treguard Thanks

Andrew good

Sidriss Right, do we go for the exit?

Andrew shall we just pop off and leave the fish then??

Sidriss NAH, we might need dinner

Andrew ooh, don't be cruel

Sidriss Ignore him please!!!!!

Andrew it's alive

Sidriss sorry

Sidriss We go to the exit

Treguard You exit

A court sequence in the second season of the Knightmare RPG.

Treguard You enter a court room with two exits at the back. You are standing in front of judge

Treguard "This court in now in process. Mr. Smite, present the charges. Dungeoneer, if you wish to comment on any of these three charges, and I suggest that you do, feel free to do so. If at least 2 of the charges are found to be false, then the prisoner may leave. Begin!"

Treguard Here team, you must listen to the conviction and prove them wrong. But be EXACT!

Treguard Are you ready then?

Andrew ok

Treguard "Well. The first charge on the list is impersonation of the great captain who died at Trafalgor, Lord Admiral Smith of course"

Sidriss I agree with that one!!

Sidriss Nelson died at Trafalgar

Andrew true!! smith didn't

Sidriss therefore he cannot be guilty of impersonating smith as he did not die there

Andrew is that enough??

Treguard Simply state the correction

Treguard the name, place or object

Andrew nelson died at Trafalgar not smith

Treguard "I see. Well, the second charge against our dear Mr. Cooke is the assassination attempt on Neil Armstrong; the first man in space."

Sidriss that was Uri Gagarin

Andrew no, Armstrong was first to moon, not space

Andrew Uri Gagarin was 1st in space

Andrew oh, Jeff already said that

Sidriss Uri Gagarin was the first man in space

Treguard "Ah. The final charge is the theft of the holy grail from the tower of London"

Andrew it isn’t at the tower of London

Sidriss no-one knows where the grail is so how can he have stolen it

Andrew precisely

Sidriss :)

Sidriss hooray! useful at last

Treguard "I've come to a verdict, and I find the prisoner not guilty. You are free to do as you please and let's hope that we don't meet again, ok?"

Treguard The prisoner walks up to you from his box

Sidriss Yay, we did it!

Treguard "Thanks ever so much dungeoneer. I didn't think that I'd make it there for a minute. Well, you've helped me, so according to the rules, I owe you something, which is fair enough. I don't have much to give except a silly little spell…nah you won't want that."

Andrew cool

Sidriss you betcha!

Andrew what's the spell??

Sidriss We would love a spell

Treguard "Are you sure? It's not worth much. Hasn't done me any good at all I can tell you. If it had, then I wouldn't be in this mess."

Andrew what is it??

Treguard "Ok then. The name of the spell is EXIT, and it will reveal any exit that are hidden in the room. It will not however reveal a room which doesn't have any exits so keep that in mind. Thanks again and farewell traveller."

Sidriss we would like the spell please whatever it is

Andrew we have it. yay

Sidriss Farewell!

Treguard Farewell

Treguard well done team!

Sidriss Exit?

Treguard Time is ticking team

Andrew right hand side

Sidriss NOT the spell! To the right?

Andrew yes

Sidriss We go to the right exit

A ditch too large to cross in the second season of the Knightmare RPG.

Treguard You emerge in a small chamber with one exit on the back wall. Separating the far part of the room with the bit you're standing on is a large hole, about 2.5 feet across, but looks too large to jump across.

Sidriss we have a plank bridge?

Sidriss Oh yeah!

Andrew erm.. yes, plank!!

Treguard You place the plank of wood over the hole.

A bridge across the pit in the second season of the Knightmare RPG.

Sidriss We place the plank over the gap!

Andrew can we walk across now please

Treguard hmm. a slowly dropping plank indeed

Andrew heh

Sidriss We very carefully walk over the gap

Andrew and don't fall

Sidriss No

Andrew we don't even falter

Treguard the plank's invisible

Andrew can we pick the plank back up at the other side??

Sidriss Due to our catlike reflexes

Treguard You're exited

A ridge in the second season of the Knightmare RPG.

Treguard You exit through the portal. You enter a small courtyard-like room with no exits. Life force warning team!

Andrew spell exit anyone??

Sidriss Yes, go for it!

Andrew spellcasting: EXIT

Treguard You cast the spell and an exit appears on the back wall. Hurry team, life force is critical!

An edit in the ridge in the second season of the Knightmare RPG.

Andrew leave

Sidriss We go through

Treguard you go through the exit

Sidriss hastily and hungrily

A set of spiders in the second season of the Knightmare RPG.

Sidriss Eeeep!

Andrew spray repellent?????

Sidriss even though they aren't insects, the repellent?

Treguard You emerge outside a castle wall. On the wall are two portals, left and right, but in front of you are three massive spiders. Warning team. You must do something fast!

Andrew repellent

Sidriss spray the repellent!

Sidriss Quickly!

Andrew do it then

Andrew eeeeeek

Spider repellent in the second season of the Knightmare RPG.

Treguard You open the bottle and pour all of the contents on the three spiders. At first nothing happens and you start to see the spiders advance on you, but then the spiders disintegrate leaving nothing but dust. Well done team, you impress me very much so far.

Sidriss then right hand door?

Andrew or is that tree good for lifeforce????? i dunno

Treguard As the spider dust settles, you see an orange lying on the floor

A clearing in the second season of the Knightmare RPG.

Sidriss The Orange, we put it in our knapsack

Andrew ok, an orange=

Treguard phew!

Andrew yay

Sidriss hurrah!

Andrew we're alive!!!

Sidriss That was fun team!!

Andrew right hand door?????

Sidriss Sorry, I'm not doing actions so I make-a de jokes

Sidriss We exit through the right-hand portal

Treguard You exit

Andrew yippeeee

A causeway of letters in the second season of the Knightmare RPG.

Treguard You enter a room with a hexagonal causeway running across it. There is an exit at the other side of the room. Listen carefully team. Here you must find the correct path by spelling out the correct word that leads you to the exit. What could that be?

Sidriss torture?

Sidriss that was me, sorry

Treguard 30

Andrew can it be done???

Treguard 25

Sidriss Yes, the word is TORTURE

Treguard CORRECT

Andrew phew

Sidriss We go through the exit at the end

Treguard You exit

A floating fish in the second season of the Knightmare RPG.

Treguard Strange that you are back here

Andrew eek, the fish!!!

Sidriss ?

Treguard I wonder if there's something important... I think the dungeon has folded in on itself

Sidriss it's the magic roundabout

Treguard This is most unusual. I wonder.

Sidriss Ah, what now

Andrew what????

Andrew erm.... perhaps we should speak to Bob

Sidriss surely not level 1 again?!?

Sidriss Erm, Bob?

Treguard Oh hello again. I sense that you needed me for something

Sidriss Hello?

Andrew Mr. Fish, sir, can you tell us why we're here again???

Treguard Well. This is most unusual. The dungeon has indeed folded

Andrew oh, what sort of something??

Sidriss We seem to have gone in a circle

Treguard It only happens once every so often

Andrew typical it should happen to us

Treguard Or if you happen to take all the right-hand doors

Andrew oh crap

Treguard only on occasions. Say, every 2500 years

Sidriss How do we get to Level 2?

Andrew why's that???

Sidriss knickers

Andrew what's wrong with right-hand doors??

Treguard It's just an anomaly

Andrew beggar me

Treguard To get to Level 2... Go through the door

Andrew ok, so do we use the door again???

Sidriss Hmmmm, I thought the path of Justice was the right-hand path?

Andrew me too. so, we use the door

Treguard This only happens on occasions

Sidriss yeah, the door, then let’s go round again

Treguard and you should emerge in another room, perhaps a previous one, then go through a LEFT door. And Hey Presto

Andrew well, we should try it

Treguard Bye!

Sidriss Oh bugger this!

Treguard I should have told you before

Andrew we off then. Through the door

Treguard You exit through the door

A clearing in the second season of the Knightmare RPG.

Andrew we should have asked him I suppose

Sidriss we did!

Andrew bloody dungeon

Sidriss lying bloody fish

Andrew shall we eat that again??

Andrew then go left

Treguard no need to eat

Sidriss Hmmmm, orange!

Sidriss it goes well with lying fish

Andrew hmmm

Sidriss Fish a'l'opple

Andrew LOL

Andrew ladder???

A ladder down to Level 2 in the second season of the Knightmare RPG.

Treguard Well done team. You have reached the end of Level 1 and are now ready to proceed to Level 2 where even more dangerous creatures await you. For Level 1, I thought that that was quite easy. I promise you that Level 2 won't be so forgiving. Onward

Andrew oh dear

Andrew we ate that apple, put us to green

Treguard you ate the apple before. you can't eat the same thing again

Andrew naughty dungeon!!!

Andrew it was still there though

Sidriss We want to eat it again!

Treguard in the sense that you saw it yes, but in reality no.

Sidriss cows ruminate!

Andrew you need to change your pictures if you're gonna take us in a circle

Treguard I didn't!

Andrew we want food!!!

Treguard Oh very well

Andrew thank you

Sidriss Ok, we'll stop messing you about! We go down the ladder!

Treguard The orange flies through the exit and lands in your hands

Sidriss victory is ours!

Andrew and we eat it

Sidriss Yay

Andrew right, down we go....

Sidriss We go down the ladder

Treguard You go down the ladder to Level 2

Andrew yippeee

Treguard Well done team. I'm glad you got off that dungeon roundabout

Image of Treguard for the Knightmare RPG

Treguard Oh I do really hate these damn Phase Shifts. They interrupt everything when the actions just hotting up. And that action will hot up again when the time comes around again. So when the fire burns, the knightmare returns!

Andrew bloody time out!!!

Treguard [all the themes play]

Session 6 - 15 October 2000

Treguard is the host (Adam Battersby)

Image of Treguard for the Knightmare RPG

Treguard Welcome watchers. I've been expecting you. Are you ready to step forward through the gate that links your reality to a world of hell? Already people like yourselves have ventured along this path, will you watch them during these dark times? I hope so. Step over the bridge, if you dare. But before you do that, here's a brief reminder of our team in progress.

Now, time has begun. The quest is on!!

An opening scene for Level 2 in the second season of the Knightmare RPG.

Treguard Welcome to Level 2! Dungeoneers beware, for foul creatures are about and roam over the forests and caverns in this abysmal area. First team, I think food is your first priority, then try and find some clues. Also keep an eye out for any clues shown on objects, walls or floors. Every quest will always find some magical object, or one of a similar nature somewhere along the path.

Andrew eat apple??

Sidriss We eat the apple!

Treguard You climb down the rest of the ladder and jump onto the ground. The ground feels quite soft and unstable. As you look up, you see that the sun has started to set. To your right are two exits, while in front of you is a piece of fruit, possibly an apple.

Treguard You eat the apple

Andrew note the D

Treguard "I should imagine that the food is edible, but I wouldn't linger here for too long. I see that the Unholy King is still changing Level 2. Quite strange indeed. I'd be very careful if I was you, you don't know what he's changed.

Sidriss We note the D as well

Andrew it's on my notes

Sidriss Hmmm, Left or right?

Andrew left?? don't want another bob

Andrew but in lev 2, maybe right

Andrew right i think

Sidriss Ok, we go to the right exit

Treguard You go through the right exit

Sidriss gulp

A set of Level 2 clues in the second season of the Knightmare RPG.

Treguard Ah, welcome to the Level 2 clue room team. Here you will find supplies to aid you on your journey and possibly other things too. Help may be available, which I think it is today. There are some objects on the floor in front of you, and an exit on the left.

Treguard "Hello there, young person, I've been expecting you. Well, I say that I've been expecting you, but what I really mean is that I was wondering whether you'd make it this far. Ever since the Unholy King brought his minions into the dungeon, the Greater Game has become much harder.

Treguard Even Level 1 is within his stomping grounds. Anyway, back to important matters. As I recall, I was unable to make it in the previous temporal disruption due to my pet dragon having Diarrhoea. She's fine now thanks to some potions that I've borrowed from Mrs.Cook. Since you are wondering what two objects you should take, here is a clue about one of the objects which you should take: "Put out your fears". What else you take is up to you, but always think carefully with your brain

Treguard Now farewell. Don't worry, I'm just going to stand here and watch you while you choose your objects.

Andrew liquid?? that bottle?? I dunno - obscure clue


Andrew water to put out fear?

Andrew use spyglass?????

Sidriss yes

Treguard You use the spyglass

Sidriss we pick up the water

Treguard You pick up the water too

A spyglass sequence in the second season of the Knightmare RPG.

"Listen Snakey or whatever your name is. Give me a progress report."

"Yessss. I've had the goblins scatter the word; the one you told me about earlier, and now it will slow the little buggers down so much that it'll take ages to collect the whole word. What's it for anyway?"

"You don't think that I'm going to tell you, do you? How stupid of you. Safe to say that the word has an action called out at the appropriate time. If called out at the wrong time, then the word is used up."

"Is it mag…."

"Don't even say the word! I don't want to risk it in case anyone's spying on us."

"Have you also set up the goblins in place to take care of the little dungeoneer just in case they are successful in collecting word pieces."

"Of course"

"Yes. I always like to deal with the little kidsies in the end though, and sometimes when I'm being spied upon

"Hello Sidriss and the rest of you little pipsqueaks! Did you think that I wasn't aware that you were watching? Now, continue to watch while I sort you out!!!"

Sidriss Drop the spyglass!!

Treguard you drop the spyglass

Andrew is the spell long??

Sidriss Is that an 'I'?

Andrew like dihorrea or howevcer u spell it!!

Andrew it's an I

Sidriss We note the I

Treguard Left on the floor are: A book, brick and throwing knife

Andrew what else shall we get?? book, brick??

Sidriss Could we have descriptions of them please

Andrew good idea

Sidriss Oh god

Andrew knife?? I don't like the idea of dark magic

Sidriss I don't think the knife

Andrew brick might be useful

Sidriss hmmmm

Andrew as a bridge again

Andrew like the plank was

Treguard 1 minute left in this room

Sidriss Possibly take the brick?

Andrew ok, brick or book. methinks brick

Sidriss ok we take the brick

Treguard you take those objects

Sidriss I hope we were right!

Andrew now we exit??

Sidriss Yes, we go to the exit

Treguard You exit

A shortcut is offered in the second season of the Knightmare RPG.
Room by Alex Smith

Treguard You enter a strange room with a hole in the middle of the room and two exits which are located at the back. Above the exit on the left a sign reads "Short Cut to Level 3"

Treguard This room is very strange indeed. It reminds me of Art Work by the famous A Smith of SmiffTown. Anyway, onward team.

Sidriss Eeeep, the Short Cut!

Andrew note F

Sidriss We note the F

Andrew short cut is a bad idea, cos we don't get all the spell

Andrew you think??

Andrew but if we use shortcut, we don't need spell

Sidriss I don't think we're going in the short cut!!!

Andrew but it might be dangerous

Andrew no, me neither

Sidriss Unless you want to of course

Andrew go the long way

Andrew right hand door

Sidriss I don't like the thought of anything coming out of that hole!

Andrew so exit quickly

Andrew right

Sidriss We go to the right-hand exit

Treguard you do that

Treguard "I'm glad that you stayed on the path and didn't trust the short cut, which would have actually brought you the short cut, so to speak."

A fire god in the second season of the Knightmare RPG.

Treguard You enter a room with an exit at the back. In the middle of the room is a hole while coming out of the hole is a massive figure which has the same shape as a human male but is composed of fire.

Andrew note other F

Sidriss Oh bugger!

Treguard "You dare enter the chamber of fire? I, god of all fire creatures that are foul will destroy you for your intrusion. You will perish now!"

Andrew use water

Sidriss We note the other F

Andrew throw it at him

Sidriss We throw the water at him. Very quickly!

A fire god is dowsed in water in the second season of the Knightmare RPG.

Treguard You open the bottle and throw the contents all over the fire god. Since this bottle is magical, there are no limitations to how much it can contain. The fire god cowers away and tries to get rid of the water which lays upon him.

Treguard I should hurry up!

Sidriss We go to the exit

Treguard you exit

Sidriss And note the other F

Treguard [wow! you're storming this level]

Treguard no need. That F is the same F as before

A fairy appears in the second season of the Knightmare RPG.

Treguard You enter a stone room with two exits, one in the north and west wall. Hovering about in the air is a small pixy or fairy.

Andrew note the U

Sidriss We note the U

Sidriss Hello

Treguard "Greetings dungeoneer. I bring you great warning. Ahead of you on the path somewhere you will come across a chopper. I promise you that you cannot dodge this obstacle, nor can you use magic against it. You have been warned. You have been warned!!!!"

Sidriss A chopper?

Andrew oh sh*t

Sidriss Great

Andrew how do we deal with him??

Sidriss or it

Treguard hmmm I don't know that word. Sh*t? interesting

Treguard You cannot use magic

Andrew sorry

Sidriss lol!

Andrew heh

Sidriss Can you give us more information on this chopper please miss

Andrew pretty please

Treguard That is all I know. It will kill you

Andrew well that's not good

Sidriss Which way would you advise that we go

Andrew maybe we should use the left door

Treguard either door is safe

Andrew hmm, but i'm worried about this chopper

Sidriss Me too

Andrew go left?? might delay the chopper

Sidriss Left

Andrew ok

Sidriss we go to the left exit

Treguard you go through the left exit

A set of threatening jaws in the second season of the Knightmare RPG.

Sidriss Oh my God!

Andrew note the s

Sidriss We note the S

Treguard You exit through the door. You climb some stairs which lead you up. You continue up the dimly lit stairway till you emerge in the open. You are standing on an icy land mass. In front of you at the back of the room are two exits.

Treguard while just in front of you, two metal pieces open and close. The metal pieces block your path and are razor sharp. If you get caught between the blades, then you will get chopped!


Andrew yes

Treguard excellent!

Andrew phew

Sidriss Have we done it?

Andrew think so

A brick stops the jaws in the second season of the Knightmare RPG.

Treguard You watch the metal blades move apart, as they do so, you get out the brick and hold it in place in the gap. The blades then come back down again and are stopped by the brick. You can now get through team without anything to worry about. Onward!

Andrew oh, note the s

Sidriss We put the brick in between the jaws

Treguard [only one letter per room!!!]

Sidriss Yes, we go right

Treguard You go through the right exit

Sidriss Phew

The dreaded eliminator puzzle in the second season of the Knightmare RPG.

Treguard You enter a puzzle room. An arm comes up from the floor and supports a large screen. It's the eliminator! I hope you can remember what to do here! Good luck.

Treguard Here. you get two situations

Treguard e.g. +5 -1

Treguard A and February.

Treguard The answer is F and January

Sidriss Oh no, I've been dreading this!

Treguard 45 seconds per question

Treguard starting now

Treguard 45

Andrew j and feb

Treguard Correct

Sidriss J and February

The dreaded eliminator puzzle in the second season of the Knightmare RPG.

Andrew Sidriss, march and y???

Andrew try it

Sidriss B and

Sidriss October

Treguard ooh. should I give it to them audience?

Andrew oh, I see. silly me

Sidriss B and October

Treguard CORRECT

Andrew phew

Sidriss phew

The dreaded eliminator puzzle in the second season of the Knightmare RPG.

Sidriss S,

Sidriss T

Treguard 30

Sidriss and A

Sidriss S T and A

Treguard 20


Louk hahahahahah

Sidriss Bugger

Andrew oops

Louk oops sorry

Sidriss How?

Andrew not easy

Treguard S S A

Andrew ah well

Treguard U, T then "S"

Treguard sorry

Sidriss We were doing so well

Andrew never mind

Image of the skull dead sequence for the Knightmare RPG

Treguard You choose the wrong combination. At first nothing happens, but you hear a sound, and well, are barbecued very quickly indeed. You chose the wrong combination team.

Treguard I suppose team's these days just aren't made of the stuff which we need for them to get to Level 3. This task was quite easy when you think about it. Now you must take a much easier path. Spell Casting DISMISS.

Andrew btw, what was the spell gonna be. if it was diffuse it was spelt wrong

Andrew that'd be defuse

Andrew just out of interest

Treguard OOOHH NASTY!!!

Sidriss Damn, damn

Andrew ok, Sidriss, calm down

Sidriss I'm sorry

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