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RPG Season 2 Quest 4

By Nicholas Lam

The fourth quest in the second season of the Interactive Knightmare RPG. The team is Louk, Ashley and Robert.

Session 6 - 15 October 2000

Treguard is the host (Adam Battersby)

The team is Louk, Ashley and Robert.

Treguard summons a new team in the second season of the Knightmare RPG.

Treguard Enter, Strangers. Hmm. You don't look very tough; I just hope for your sake that you don't meet anything, unpleasant in the dungeon depths. Please state your names and ages.

Treguard And where do you all hail from?

Treguard I don't think they have that many adventures there

Treguard Ok then; let's get to grips with this adventure then. I expect that you've already read the rules and regulations of the dungeon provided on the Knightmare website. If not, well, it's just tough luck as websites haven't been invented yet here. For those who merely watch, here's a brief reminder. On your travels you make take two objects unless told otherwise.

Treguard You can possess as many spells as you like but only cast 3 in the whole adventure. Your health status is represented by a display shown in the top right of the magic mirror. This doesn't always appear, but it goes through a few stages.

Treguard In green you are at full strength. When it turns yellow, you should be on the look out for food, and on red you are in grave danger. There are 3 stages when the life force is red. On the 3rd red stage, you are dead! Put food into your knapsack, and designate a person on your team who will cast out spells, and one who will give directions. If you all give directions, or answers to a riddle, then the first answer / direction will be taken. Good Luck

Treguard Right. Are you ready?

Louk yes

Ashley Who'll do what?

Robert yes

Louk ash + rob i`m new so you two do it

Ashley OK I'll do directions

Treguard What is to be the object of your quest? The Crown, Cup, Shield or the Sword, or an unknown quest which is something special.

Robert I think we should go for the unknown one. :)

Louk nah I'd go for the shield

Robert Ashley?

Ashley We could always "free the maid" but shield's ok with me

Robert ok, shield.

Ashley We choose the Shield

Treguard Very good choice

Treguard Well then. Face the dungeon door and take a step forward!

Ashley We step forward!

Taliwyn in the second season of the Knightmare RPG.

Treguard Ah. You appear to be on the outskirts of Taliwyn, a small village which usually occupies most of Level 1. You won't find many dangers lurking here, which of course is lucky for you.

Treguard I'd keep a lookout for the marketplace; a very good source for supplies and information. I'd try and get information from anyone if I was you. In front of you is a man while on the back wall is an exit.

Louk ask man for info ?

Ashley We ask the man for assistance

Treguard you go up to the man

Taliwyn up-close in the second season of the Knightmare RPG.

Treguard "UGGGHHHH!!!! Me collect proverbs. You give me proverb and I give you something good! Mmmmm! An' do not be dirty!"

Treguard Well team???

Ashley "Too many cooks spoil the broth"

Treguard "That's Sh*te. Give ug another one now."

Ashley "A stitch in time saves nine"

Treguard "Me got that one. It's funny, give ug another!"

Louk "beware the ides of march?"

Treguard "Me not got that one. Marvellous! Well, me got piece of paper with writing on. May help you somewhere. I know not what it is for. Ugggg!!!!!"

Treguard An interesting piece of information team

Ashley We take the piece of paper and read it

Treguard but I should seriously hurry up if you're wanting to get to Level 2

Robert what's on the paper then?

Treguard The writing on the paper is in a foreign language

Ashley Ok, we exit the room

Treguard you exit

A garden area in the second season of the Knightmare RPG.

Treguard You enter a garden-like area. There is an exit at the back and a strange figure sat in a sort of window on the right.

Ashley We say hello to the figure

Louk ash: we should take the figure if possible :) or examine it

Treguard "You may not enter through the gate without the right. Show me that you have the right of passage or otherwise leave now."

Robert ash: show him the paper?

Ashley We show the figure the paper

Louk yeh

Treguard "Come on. Come on. I'm waiting!"

Treguard AH

Treguard "I see that you do in fact have the right of passage through the gate and into the village. Very well. The gate is now unlocked and you are free to go about your business. Hey friend! You be careful. There have been more sightings of the evil one's unholy demons lurking around here. I suggest that you go about with care, but don't delay!"

Ashley we exit

Treguard you exit

Ashley hmmm. need food

The familiar Anglia Building in the second season of the Knightmare RPG.

Treguard You appear. Well, I'm not sure where you are, but the building at the back looks very familiar. It looks as though you've accidentally stepped back into your world. This is most unusual. It appears though that there is one person who we all know.

Treguard no food is available

Ashley We talk to the man

Treguard "Next. Who's next in line for the photo shoot? Ah, a dungeoneer. Finally. I've been very busy here, wherever this is, as I've been to a fan convention. "The Merlin Die Hard Fans Club". Since, I'm in a good mood, I'll grant you a wish, anything at all!"

Ashley what do we wish for guys?

Louk ash: what can we wish for?

Treguard [Photo taken by Adam when nearly splattered by a Taxi]

Louk ash: what can we wish for?

Louk ash: wish to be transported to level 3 :)

Ashley We ask for something to help us get the shield

Robert we should wish that no harm will befall us on this level.

Robert ashley: probably better.

Ashley (well, it's vague but precise...)

Treguard come on I haven't got all day you know

Robert can we wish for more wishes?

Louk ash: wish for something to transport us to level 3

Louk ash: wish for something to transport us to level 3 and that no harm can come on that level :)

Robert Louk: bad idea, then we'd find out an important clue would have been on level 2.

Ashley We ask if he can give us some information or a spell to get to level 2 safely

Treguard Oh come on team. 30 seconds till time out!

Ashley (help get to level 2, not go necessarily go straight there)

Louk go on then ask that

Ashley We ask if he can give us some information to help us get o level 2 such as a spell

Louk ok go on then. we're nearly out of time

Ashley Well, i've asked it!

Treguard If you want that then fine

Treguard You want to take a short cut to Level 2 Ready?

Treguard Spell Casting...

Ashley no, not necessarily...

Image of Treguard for the Knightmare RPG

Treguard GONG

Treguard Go on, don't stop now! Oh… too late. It's time out. I guess I'll just have to wait another week for the action to start again. I should imagine that it'll be just pure torture for you until then. But when that time comes again, I'll know you'll be here, so don't disappoint me

Ashley Well, we survived for 10 minutes!


Credits in the second season of the Knightmare RPG.

Session 7 – 22 October 2000

Treguard is the host (Adam Battersby)

Treguard: Come on, Come on! Dear me. You're late, and an adventure's waiting to start. Or, am I early? Ah well, I'm sure it's one or the other.

Image of Treguard for the Knightmare RPG

Treguard Anyway, time has moved quite speedily in your realm this week; here it has been utter torture waiting for the next phase shift of this greater game, which I'm sure I'm about to find out, is going to get even greater. A team is now in progress, so here's a progress report!

And now, the bell gongs, and the game is on!

The familiar Anglia Building in the second season of the Knightmare RPG.

Treguard So, what was it you wanted?

Robert We'd like a trip to level 2, please.

Treguard A trip to Level 2. Well that is within my powers

Robert (Safely, if possible :)

Louk heheheh

Treguard So. The orders are: Send back to dungeon but at the threshold of Level 2

Louk (we don’t want to get killed in process :)

Louk rob: yes?

Robert Please.

Treguard Well. The spell is called JUMP

Louk Cast Spell JUMP

Treguard You cast the JUMP spell

Treguard Oh my God! It's…It's!!!

Blade attacks in the second season of the Knightmare RPG.

"Yes Treguard. It's me. Numero Uno! So, you wanted a shortcut to Level 2? The spell you used has a locater attached to it, and when it’s not magicians using those spells, I can track them.

So, there I was just a few moments ago, looking at the real world, when suddenly I see a dungeoneer walking outside a strange place called Anglia Television,

And I see them use the spell, I think "Oh my, a dungeoneer cheating! How awful! I'd never cheat" But of course, I can say that can't I?

Well, you wanted a short cut, and now you're going to get one! Blade, see to it!"

"Yes master. With pleasure"

Robert We run away

Robert Very quickly, outrunning even the wind.

Image of the skull dead sequence for the Knightmare RPG

Treguard Oooh Nasty. No I shouldn't look if I were you. Ah well, never mind. Your quest was short, but you didn't have the right intellect about you to send yourself back into the dungeon at the point you left.

Spellcasting, DISMISS.

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