Young gamer with headset. Photo by Alex Haney on Unsplash.

RPG Season 2 Quest 2

By Nicholas Lam

The second quest in the second season of the Interactive Knightmare RPG. The team is Jon Harris, Nicho and Tony.

Session 3 - 24 September 2000

The second team is Jon_Harris, Nicho and TonyH

Treguard Enter Stranger!

*Jon_Harris walks in.

Treguard Hmm. You don't look very tough; I just hope for your sake that you don't meet anything, unpleasant in the dungeon depths. Please state your name and age please.

Jon_Harris Jon Harris, Age 17.

Treguard And where do you hail from?

Jon_Harris Plymouth.

Treguard I don't think they have that many adventures there

Treguard My what a dreary place

Jon_Harris hmm...

Treguard And you go into the dungeon unaided? You must have 1 or 2 friends, please call their names now and loudly!

Jon_Harris I SUMMON NIC!

Nicho erm... okay

Treguard Welcome to my humble castle. It isn't much to look at from the outside, but I assure you, it's quite cosy inside. You all look terribly cold. Here, come closer to the fire where it's much warmer. Er, what are your names and where do you all come from?

Nicho Nicholas, from London

Nicho Anyone else?

Treguard Oh you poor thing

Treguard Ok then; let's get to grips with this adventure then. Firstly before you go on your travels into my dungeon, there are a few things that you should know. Firstly, the dungeon has gone through a tremendous change, so any knowledge of previous quests probably won't be of any use to you. You will notice that I have a magic mirror (created by the almighty one who we all know as Forester.

Treguard TonyH

Treguard join this team NOW!!

Jon_Harris Ah, thank you Treguard.

Treguard Tony

TonyH Me? Umm... OK

Treguard Right!

Nicho Thanks

Treguard The magic mirror will show you a view of the room that you are currently in. If at any time you enter a new room and the magic mirror doesn't change, click on the REFRESH button. Located underneath the mirror is a panel which shows you your statistics, quest object, quest time, etc.

Treguard Also watch the life force indicator sometimes in the top right corner of the screen

*Jon_Harris nods

Treguard This may prove useful as it also tells you what objects you carry and spells which you possess. In the game you can carry two objects, but a magician or some person of high magic, may give you an object to carry for them from time to time. Since this object will be magical, you will still be able to carry another two objects unless told so by myself or the magician.

Jon_Harris Okay.

Treguard You can carry as many spells as you like, but as you use spells, you use your mana up. Mana is the magical force within which provides a source of energy necessary to create these spells. Because of this you only have enough mana to cast three spells in the game.

Treguard So, choose wisely when the time arises. Also, IF YOU DO cast a spell, when the desired affect has finished, the spell could turn on you, to prevent this, you should say DISPELL and give the letters of the name of the spell but in the wrong order. Remember this!

Treguard If at any time during the adventure, you do an action such as cast a spell or exit a room, you may see the message "PLEASE WAIT" This is to give the magic mirror a chance to refresh and show you any changes that have been made to the room. In the magic mirror, you can see the room but not yourself, because of this I will take you through step by step on puzzles or complex rooms.

Since there are now no dungeoneers, all of you three are merged together into one person (how frightening!) so any actions you make must be discussed and then decided on by one person only. If multiple, DIFFERENT actions are made, none of them will be taken into account and you could lose time for it. Finally, here is your equipment. Here is the knapsack for which you must put food into, to restore your energy. Your energy status is shown in three stages.

Treguard Green, where you are healthy, yellow, where you should be on the lookout for food, and red, where you are in grave peril and must find sustenance fast. The helmet of justice is no longer used and neither is the eye shield. Since everything in the dungeon is real and nothing is an illusion. Also, let me remind, you that you should be cautious of the object that you take. Don't trust the weapons of your enemies. Right. Are you ready?

Jon_Harris Yes.

TonyH Yes

Nicho Yup

Treguard Well then, face the dungeon door and take a brave step in the unknown. Good luck!

Treguard What is the object of your quest?

Jon_Harris What do you fancy advisors?

Nicho Umm... Sword

Jon_Harris Sounds Good. We Choose the Sword!

Nicho OK

TonyH *nod*

Treguard You are in search of the sword

A fenced area in the second season of the Knightmare RPG.

Treguard You emerge in a small woodland area.

Treguard In front of you is a fence with a gate just at the end of it, and to the right are some trees. Welcome to Level 1 team. In this Level 1, yes there are many other types of Level 1s, but in this one lies the fishing village of Tamiharla. Travellers are welcomed in every doorway, and supplies are plentiful. But don't let your guard down. I should try and find the clue rooms first as you will need some kind of possessions. Onward.

Jon_Harris I think we should walk forward.

Nicho Yes

*Jon_Harris walks forward.

Treguard You open the gate and walk through. You continue to walk on and come across a path surrounded by trees. You decide to go down the path and at the end of it the path opens up into a small area with some ruins.

An area of ruins in the second season of the Knightmare RPG.

Treguard There are two exits at the back. In front of you is an old woman walking around. The woman looks very old and has a dragging movement in her steps.

Jon_Harris Does she pose any threat?

TonyH Try talking to her

*Jon_Harris walks up to lady.

Nicho Say hello or something

Treguard You walk up to her and....

Jon_Harris Hello.

Mrs Cook in the second season of the Knightmare RPG.

Treguard "Oh hello there dear. My name is Mrs. Cook. I am married of course. Have been for forty years! My husband is a bit of an invalid though but never mind. Most of his body still works, wink wink!!!!

Treguard Anyway. I need a favour from someone who I can trust. If you do something for me, then I'll help you get off this level. Death is having a day off today and the only way to Level 2 is by going through the Snake's mouth, but of course that room is locked, and I keep the key for them.

Treguard Normally I wouldn't divulge this information, but The Unholy King is becoming too powerful in these parts and I want to help stop it. I have had word that a group are forming among the people to try and stop him. I don't know any more than that, will you help me?

Jon_Harris Yes. But only if you get us off this level.

Jon_Harris That seem alright advisors?

Nicho Go for it

TonyH OK

Treguard "Right, let's get down to business. Basically, I'm a dab hand when it comes to natural remedies, and at the moment, at home, I'm brewing up a special foot powder to get help prevent people's hands from dropping off.

Treguard This seems to have happened a lot lately. Especially now that Level 2 is infested with zombies. They sometimes make their way over here, but we've only had 3 of them, all of which didn't make it here in one piece. What happened to them, I cannot say, but I think it is the dark magic of the Black lake; which is found at the end of Level 1. Not a place you'd want to go. Anyway, I've run out of this herb, called Ground Bats Faeces.

Treguard Actually, come to think of it, I wouldn't call this a herb at all. There is only one place you can find it. In a room, deeper into this Level lie 5 skulls. Each skull looks the same on the outside, except only one of them contains a bag full of this "substance".

Jon_Harris okay.

Treguard The room that the skulls are contained in is an altar room, so you only have enough time to look inside 1 of the skulls before the god which the room worships finds out and destroys you. You will need a powder of spell of some kind which may reveal the correct skull. Either that or take a complete guess. It's up to you.

Treguard I should go now if I was you, for you don't look too healthy, and I think someone is after you. Go quickly!

*Jon_Harris walks off to the exits and waits for advisors to decide on route.

Jon_Harris left or right guys?

TonyH Right

Nicho yes

*Jon_Harris goes to the right.

Treguard You go through the exit

Treguard That was Mrs. Cook

Treguard A friendly old cow she is

A clue area in the second season of the Knightmare RPG.

Treguard You exit through the door and enter a small room on the outskirts of the ruins.

Jon_Harris Okay, team, what's on the table?

Treguard There are two doors on the right wall, and a table in front of you with some objects on it. At the back of the room is a wall monster who is looking at you.

Treguard "That's close enough little thief. Take what objects you want after the questioning has finished. You will be given 3 questions."

Treguard "Listen team. With 2 correct answers you will get minimal information about your quest. With 3 correct answers you will get all information and after which you should call out "I command you" to receive a bonus. Score 1 and you will get no information. Score 0 and your quest will end sooner than you think."

Jon_Harris Ready, advisors?

Treguard "Are you ready? Well here is my first.

Treguard Enslaved by Egyptians, Desperate in need, One Jewish man helped them, His own people, he freed. But what was his name?

TonyH Joseph

Jon_Harris Advisors, I reckon it's moses.

Jon_Harris No, joseph was the coat guy.

Treguard An ANSWER

Treguard Hurry team. He's getting really pi**ed off!

Jon_Harris MOSES!

Treguard Truth Accepted

Nicho Well done

Treguard Here is my second. It goes up and down the stairs without moving. What is it?

TonyH Carpet?

Jon_Harris Tony, you do it.

Jon_Harris I reckon Bannister though!

Nicho could be either

Jon_Harris Tony, do banister, carpet is everywhere.

TonyH OK I'll go for banister

Treguard Truth Accepted

Treguard Here is my third. Give it food and it will live, give it water and it will die.

Treguard what is it?

Nicho hmm

Jon_Harris i don't have any idea..

TonyH No idea.

Jon_Harris Nic, any hopes?

Nicho sorry

Treguard AN ANSWER!!!!

TonyH We don't know

Treguard The answer I sought was FIRE

Jon_Harris ooh!

Treguard "An impressive score dungeoneer. Some knowledge is now yours. Conceal your identity with caution.

Jon_Harris thankyou.

Treguard The monster sits back and goes to sleep

Treguard Well team. you can now look at any objects

Jon_Harris Any food there, guys?

Treguard On the table is a... Loaf of Bread, A Spyglass, A Scary Mask, A Fork shaped Stick, and a piece of Chalk.

Treguard Descriptions are available

*Jon_Harris takes the bread and puts it in knapsack

Treguard your life force is now restored

Jon_Harris ahh..

Treguard If you'd like descriptions simply ask

Jon_Harris okay, advisors, the monster said conceal your identity, I think the mask.

Nicho yes

TonyH yes

Treguard You take the Mask

Treguard one more object

Treguard would you like descriptions?

Jon_Harris we need more info. The spy glass?

Jon_Harris Yes, Treguard.

Treguard you pick up the spyglass

Spying on the Opposition in the second season of the Knightmare RPG.

"Yes, I know, I know Blade. I hate the taste of barbecued dungeoneer too. They just don't taste any good when they've been cooked, do they?"

"There is. Erm. There is a dungeoneer at the moment me thinks. He is somewhere in the first subsection of Level 1. Shall I get me guard to go after ‘im?"


"Yes Skeletron?"

"I have a squad of 5. We should have no problem conducting a systematic wipe out of all like in Level 1. Do you wish to put this plan into action?"

"No. I've already lost Two EyeCU's to the last dungeoneer, and I just don't need to go around wasting precious life powder. I have a better idea. Blade. I want you to go to Level 1 and camp there until the dungeoneer shows up. Let them see you so that they get scared an p*ss themselves, then do you work. You know what I mean.

"Yes. Indeed. Do you want sliced or diced?

"Both if I have a choice. Now go on and do you stuff, and don't fail me! Skeletron, you stay here. I want a word with you."

"I want you to keep a close eye on Blade. He's extremely scared of ghosts and things like that, so I would like you to make sure that he does his job. Understand?"

"Understood Sir!"

"Go on then. Hmmm. Sounded like he was correcting me then. Oh. My. What is this? I do believe that it is a dungeoneer. I must have the place wired to prevent these spyings. Well, dungeoneer. You will now meet your doom!!!"

*Jon_Harris drops spyglass.

Treguard You drop the spyglass

Treguard And not a moment too soon

Jon_Harris Advisors, which object now?

Treguard A piece of chalk, and a stick are available

Treguard you can have descriptions if you wish

TonyH I assume the fork is a divining rod

Nicho Describe the stick

Treguard It is a stick which splits into two. It looks like the device used for finding water.

Treguard hurry team!

Jon_Harris Advisors, if we have to go into an alter room, won't there be traps? we'd need to find our way out too.... I can't see an obvious use for the stick!

TonyH It depends if we need to find water...

Jon_Harris c'mon, quick...

Treguard Chalk = a piece of red chalk. Fork Shaped Stick = looks like the device used for finding water.

TonyH The chalk looks useless

Jon_Harris it's red? I reckon the chalk guys, it's not normal to leave red chalk about..

Jon_Harris water... wait, the bat poo would have water...

Treguard What are you on about?

Jon_Harris and death's day off on the river...

Treguard ah… A monster comes

*Jon_Harris takes the stick

Treguard You take the stick and run

Jon_Harris and I got my fingers in a twist trying to type!

Treguard it's ok

A causeway of numbers in the second season of the Knightmare RPG.

Treguard You enter a puzzle room. The causeway in front of you have numbers of it. At the other end of the room is a door and just above it is the word "KNIGHT". Some food is on the floor, which you automatically pick up.

Treguard This is a causeway team. To get across it simply call out the hexagon that you wish to step on next and then do the same again. You can move from hexagon to hexagon but only on those that touch each other. I wonder what they key to getting across is. Good luck. You are currently on 11.

TonyH Worked it out

Nicho go on

Jon_Harris okay... 11, 14, 9, 7, 8, so far...

TonyH Yes

Jon_Harris and the last is 20.

Treguard You make it to the other side of the room

Jon_Harris yes!

Nicho good one

Treguard Temporal disruption!

Image of Treguard for the Knightmare RPG

Treguard Well it appears that time is frozen

*Jon_Harris pauses.

Treguard Yes. And so are you too.

Treguard I just get so annoyed at those time outs. It stops the fun... when it's just hotting up. I can't wait for our next dungeon fest. Can you? I know you can't.

Treguard Join us again for Knightmare. When the time comes again, I'll be waiting. Just don't disappoint me!

Session 4 - 1 October 2000

(geekgirl101 replaces TonyH this session)

Image of Treguard for the Knightmare RPG

Treguard Oh it's you, watchers! Well, better late than never I suppose. Where have you been? I suppose you'll need a reminder of what went of last week eh? Well, here's a progress report.

And now. Time has begun and the game is ON!

(Just a quick note. You are allowed only 5 minutes in each room)


A bridge area in the second season of the Knightmare RPG.

Treguard You make it to the other side of the room. Well done! You emerge in front of a village. Ah. This seems to be the fishing village that I told you about earlier.

Treguard In front of you is a pillar while off to your right a bridge leads across a small stream. Team. I'm not sure about this, but I sense an evil presence near here. No, it can't be. It's Blade. Quick he's coming!!!!

Blade appears at the bridge in the second season of the Knightmare RPG.

Treguard you put the mask on

Treguard Suddenly, Blade jumps out, startling you.

Treguard "Oh SH*T!!!!! It's a bloody ghost. HELP HELP!!!!!"


Nicho :)

Treguard And with that, Blade runs off screaming like a little girl. Well done team. I shouldn't take off the mask yet though in case he's watching you from afar. Hurry!

Jon_Harris BEGONE!

*Jon_Harris walks to nearest exit

Treguard you walk to the nearest exit

A suspicious pair of watchers in the second season of the Knightmare RPG.

You walk across the bridge. It's planks creak under you as you go along. You take a right turn on the other side of the bridge and emerge in one of the back streets. The street continues down, so the exit is not yet visible.

Treguard "ARGHGHGHGHGH!!! WE are the watchers who watch you by night. Watching you by day gives us too much fright. Go about your business and on your way but listen to all that we have to say.

Treguard Finding objects is useful, please don't cower, but only will you find them if you have the power. Ask us what you will now if you need the information. Before you do that. You are looking extremely hungry. Here, take this food."

Treguard They hand you an apple.

*Jon_Harris accepts food

Treguard You put it in your knapsack

Treguard What do you wish to know?

Nicho Jon: We need a spell or something to uncover the 'ground bats faeces'

Jon_Harris How do we get to the room with 5 skulls? Shall I ask that?

Nicho OK

Jon_Harris We need a spell or something to uncover the bat's faeces

Treguard Well???

Treguard We don't have a spell, but you have the way and the means already

Jon_Harris The stick?

Treguard BEGONE!

Jon_Harris promptly walks off

Treguard You exit

A room of skulls in the second season of the Knightmare RPG.

Treguard You enter a religious room with five skulls in it and an exit at the back of the room.

Nicho ah

Treguard I'm sure you remember what Mrs. Cook told you. But, you only have enough time to look inside one of the skulls. You decide on the best way to do it.

* Jon_Harris uses stick to find faeces

Treguard You wave the stick about

Treguard at first nothing happens until...

A room of skulls in the second season of the Knightmare RPG.

Treguard You choose the correct skull. A large flash of light fills the room, and on object appears in front of you. It is a small see through bag with even smaller bags of bat's droppings inside it.

*Jon_Harris picks up bag

Nicho goodie

geekgirl101 Ewwww!

Treguard Do you wish to exit?

Mrs Cook appears in the second season of the Knightmare RPG.

Treguard You emerge in a small courtyard area. At the back is a wall with a shed behind it, and just in front of that is a statue of a naked woman. Just in front of you is Mrs. Cook. There are two exits.

*Jon_Harris walks up to Mrs. Cook

Nicho Speak to Mrs Cook I suppose

Treguard "Oh hello there, dear. I love this room. It brings out the true inner feelings of myself. I'm the only woman that comes here. Most are men. Typical!"

Jon_Harris I have your herbs.

Treguard "Give it to us then. Come on."

*Jon_Harris hands over herbs.

Treguard "Oh. That's excellent. Just enough for my brew. Well a deal's a deal I suppose. There's your key."

Treguard She hands a heavy brass key to you.

Treguard "Now, go before anything nasty comes this way. And Stick to the path!!"

Jon_Harris Thank you.

Jon_Harris Left or Right?

Nicho hmmm... Right I think

Treguard You exit

A locked outside area in the second season of the Knightmare RPG.

Treguard You enter another small courtyard room. In front of you is a locked door. Quickly team. I hear footsteps coming from behind you!

* Jon_Harris exits to the right

* Jon_Harris uses key

Treguard You go up to the door and use the key on it. The lock disappears and so does the door too. An exit is now available.

The lock is opened in the second season of the Knightmare RPG.

* Jon_Harris walk through the exit

Treguard You go through the door and enter another room.

A monster's mouth is the route to Level 2 in the second season of the Knightmare RPG.

Treguard A snake's head bursts out from the floor which dominates the whole room. This is the end of Level 1 team. How do you think you can get down to Level 2?

Jon_Harris Mrs Cook said stick to the path, i can see one to the bottom left.

Jon_Harris Treguard, have you any advice?

Treguard I've already said what is necessary

Jon_Harris get 'down' to level 2?

Jon_Harris hmm...

Nicho I think through the mouth is the way - down

*Jon_Harris walks through the mouth

Treguard You jump inside the mouth and slide down to Level 2.

geekgirl101 Wow! Good guess. I'd never have figured that one out.

A lake in Level 2 in the second season of the Knightmare RPG.

Treguard Congratulations team. You have managed to reach Level 2. Beware of Zombies and other creatures of the dead. Also, be very watchful of the objects that you take on your travels. I should also warn you that time limits are much more serious in this Level. If you spend more than 5 minutes in any room, you may be caught by any monsters that are passing through. Spend an extra minute on top of that and you will die. Hurry now. You are on top of the 5 minutes.

Treguard The mass spirals up into the air to a great height, while to your right is a lake which reflects the moonlight in a very eerie way. Ahead of you are two exits while in front of you is a spyglass.

*Jon_Harris uses spyglass

Treguard You use the spyglass

Spying on the Opposition in the second season of the Knightmare RPG.

"Look here blade. I want you to see something"

"What is it Sir?"

"Level 2. Once a dead forest of zombies, now look at it. Acre upon acre of strange lands and strange formations. Oh the inhabitants are just the same, but I felt like changing the landscape. Now let's see that dungeoneer get past eh?"

"Why have you done this?"

"Why have I done this? Why do you think I did this you stupid walking piece of shite! I did this because Level 2 is my playground and I got bored of the old Level 2. So I've changed it to suit my persona. Don't you like it?"

"Yes it's fine, but I must say that I preferred the old Level 2. Isn't that against the rules anyway changing the dungeon?"

"The rules state that the dungeon cannot be changed under any circumstances, but what are they going to do? Throw me out?"

"Fine. There is another matter that requires your attention. What of the eliminator?"

"The eliminator? Oh yes, that's one of my new fun puzzles for the little kids to play. Basically, what they have to do is this. You are given a situation. For example, -2 and +2. Then you go on to the first stage where you a given a question.

MONDAY and JULY. Firstly you must -2 on the Monday which will become Saturday, and then +2 on the JULY, which then becomes SEPTEMBER. A different situation is given for each of the 4 questions.

If the vile creatures don't get all of these correct, I've programmed the eliminator to swat them with a 20-Megawatt Fireball! I'm sure you understand all that perfectly? And the best part is that they have 45 seconds per question! Isn't that wonderful?"

"Well, erm…Er… I understood everything up to the part where you called it the Eliminator."

"Excellent. I'm sure the dungeoneers are just as stupid as you."


"Right, mmm, I also want you to check out the goblin packs and…"

"Er, sorry to bother you sire, but did you invite someone?"

*Jon_Harris drops glass

"No. Why….Oh it's a pesky dungeoneer. Blade, finish them off now!"


Treguard you drop the spyglass

Treguard Interesting

Jon_Harris right, how much time left?

Treguard in this room? 1 minute

Jon_Harris crap. Ignore the mass, let's get out.

Treguard something interesting here team

geekgirl101 There's a shield of some sort on the left there.

Treguard I sense something of importance

Treguard Magical?

Jon_Harris Can we reach it?

Treguard I don't think you need to possess it


Treguard Do you wish to exit?

Jon_Harris Yes

A chart showing Knightmare's path to victory as the Radio Times' Kids TV Champ in 2014.

Treguard You exit through the portal. You emerge in a multicoloured room. The colours on the walls don't make any sense as far as colour sense is concerned. Ahead of you is a small table about 3 foot in height and also two exits. Another exit sits round the corner of the massive wall beam. To the right of you is a man standing looking around in anticipation.

Nicho Go up to the man

Jon_Harris Is it blade?

Jon_Harris wait!

Jon_Harris it could be blade!

Nicho ok

Treguard "Oh no this is not right. I can't be here. This is all wrong. Who are you?"

Jon_Harris Oh, i guess not. My name is Jon, I quest for the sword.

Treguard "And what has happened to Level 2? Last time I came, it was enriched with vast forests. Now it is but an empty dungeon with no character. Anyway, I'm Baz. Yes, I know, it's not a very medieval sounding name is it. Well I'm not actually from this time.

Treguard I'm what is known as a techno mage, and I come from the 22nd Century, much further on than even your own time. My job is to come back to the past and recover copies of spells and artefacts which are going to be lost in a few years' time. That doesn't make sense does it?

Treguard I've also been given the task of standing in for Merlin this week as he couldn't make it due to his pet dragon having Diarrhoea (very unpleasant) so I sensed that in his absence, someone would suffer for not gaining any of his knowledge.

Jon_Harris Uh.. No.

Treguard I'm sure you're wondering what two objects to take eh? Well here's a clue for one of the objects. I can only give you a clue about 1 of the objects because that's the rules and that's life. Life is about making decisions. So here goes. Listen carefully!

* Jon_Harris is listening

Treguard "You must tap pearl right now!"

Treguard "Right. Ta Ta now and be careful!"

Jon_Harris Thankyou.

Nicho indeed

Treguard The objects that are located on the table are:

Treguard A candle, A dagger, A bag with the label "Re-appear powder" An apple

geekgirl101 Strange man.

Jon_Harris How's Life Force?

Treguard LIFE FORCE ON!!

Nicho Take the food anyway

*Jon_Harris checks food before taking it

Treguard You take the food

Treguard There is A CANDLE, A DAGGER, A BAG

Jon_Harris descriptions of the items please.

Nicho hmm

Jon_Harris Guys, did that clue make any sense to you?

*Nicho is thinking about the clue

geekgirl101 Not really, I am thinking about it.

Jon_Harris "you must tap pearl right now."

Jon_Harris Does a dungeoneer need a dagger?

geekgirl101 Maybe tap it with a dagger?

Treguard 3 mins

Jon_Harris well, the dagger is a weapon, i don't think you'd tap something with it..

geekgirl101 Question is, where would we find a pearl?

Jon_Harris Maybe it's hidden. We can tap a pearl with our hands, can we not?

Jon_Harris Okay, guys, Powder and Candle?

Nicho Yes. I think we should go for that

*Jon_Harris checks powder and candle

geekgirl101 Hmm, okay then.

Nicho I can't see much use for the dagger

Treguard You take those objects

Jon_Harris just to be safe.

Jon_Harris Are they fine, Treguard?

Treguard Don't know

Jon_Harris can I check them please

Treguard you check them all. Nothing wrong

*Jon_Harris takes powder and Candle

geekgirl101 Well, that narrows things down a bit.

Nicho lets exit

Jon_Harris Yeah.

Treguard You exit

*Nicho notes down the 'P' letter

Jon_Harris good.

Treguard Carry on team!

Jon_Harris Are we in the next room?

Treguard yes

* Jon_Harris holds up candle

geekgirl101 Where in the heck are we?

Jon_Harris i'm 'in the dark' about that!

geekgirl101 lol. Ah, I see a red O.

Mike Park with Hugo Myatt

Treguard You hold up the candle and a light fills the room. This is a magic candle team, so you don't need a match to light it.

Jon_Harris weird room!

Nicho yes

geekgirl101 It looks like my bedroom.

Treguard Anything interesting here team?

Jon_Harris Is there something on the left?

Treguard no only an exit

Treguard and something magical in the room

Jon_Harris Okay, go to the exit

geekgirl101 Better note down that O.

Treguard You exit

Jon_Harris I got it

John Woodnutt (Merlin and Mogdred in Knightmare) in Doctor Who.

Treguard You enter a puzzle room. An arm comes up from the floor and supports a large screen. It's the eliminator! I hope you can remember what to do here! Good luck.

Treguard Right here's what it says

*Nicho looks at notes

Treguard 45 seconds on each question


Treguard CORRECT

Jon_Harris phew..

Clifford Norgate (Hordriss the Confuser and others in Knightmare) appears in Doctor Who.

Treguard It says

Treguard 45 secs

Jon_Harris 03:00 NOVEMBER


geekgirl101 No! It was September!

Jon_Harris Drat.

geekgirl101 Nuts.

Nicho never mind

Treguard At first nothing happens, but you hear a sound, and well, are barbecued very quickly indeed.

Image of the skull dead sequence for the Knightmare RPG

Treguard It wasn't your footwork which let you down, just your wits. But, wits are a necessary part of life and also necessary to your survival in the dungeon. But you didn't survive did you. Now I must send you back to that from which you came. Spellcasting DISMISS.

Treguard Ah well

Jon_Harris *shrugs* always next season.

Nicho Good work everyone

Treguard It's not nice to see them go like that

Treguard [GONG!]

Treguard Oh my how inconvenient. Time has stopped before this adventure has begun!

Treguard I guess we'll just have to wait another torturing week for the newcomers to brave the dungeon

Treguard When will that time come? Join us again for Knightmare. It's only a game of course, and nothing is real. At least, I don't think it is...


(Next quest)

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