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Please also see the Knightmare FANSFAQ for answers to more questions!

Q1: Why did ITV stop showing Knightmare?

There isn't really a straightforward answer to this. A whole host of issues led to its demise, and this is detailed in Tim Child's History of Knightmare Part 4. (Tim Child was the creator/producer of Knightmare, and has written a statement for this site.) An alternative explanation is also available at 'Why did Knightmare end in 1994?', part of the Old TES Bring Back Knightmare pages.

Q2: Are there any plans for repeats or a new series of Knightmare?

The TV channel Challenge showed Knightmare Series 3 from Christmas 2002, Series 4 from June 2003, Series 5 from October 2003 and Series 6-8 from April 2004. Challenge TV's rights to Knightmare repeats expired after three years. In 2013, Challenge repeated Series 1-2, followed by Series 3-4 in 2015/16, and it's unclear if and when they may renegotiate to re-show other series. Their renewed rights to Series 1-2 and 3-4 are expected to last for five years each.

In November 2002, Televirtual (run by the same people behind the original series) announced that they intend to re-format Knightmare as a live children's TV show. A pilot episode was made, however no series was made. You can see an archive of the developments on our Televirtual section.

The chances of Knightmare coming back on ITV have been deemed minimal. In 2008, CITV was scrapped from the afternoon schedules and ITV no longer makes its own children's programmes. Since Knightmare ended, CITV was no longer seen as the right environment for Knightmare because of a younger audience profile. (See question above for sources.)

In 2013, two episodes of Knightmare Series 7 were repeated on the CITV Channel as part of its 30th anniversary Old Skool Weekend in January 2013. Later that year, a new episode of Knightmare featuring original cast members was made and released as part of YouTube's Geek Week. While this could be regarded as the pilot episode for a new series, any further developments are a matter for higher powers and our spyglasses don't seem to work on them...

Q3: Was has been done in the past to help bring Knightmare back?

The 'Bring Back Knightmare' (BBK) campaign was started in 1995 by fan Paul McIntosh as part of his 'The Eye Shield' printed fanzine. The campaign was re-launched in April 1999 on The EyeShield: Bring Back Knightmare website. There was a petition of 2000 entries, and you can read about its activities on that site. In January 2002, the campaign was taken over by Alan Boyd, and a site set up at

As mentioned under Q2, Knightmare's post-Geek Week future can't be commented on at this time.

Q4: Are there any plans for a DVD or video release of Knightmare?

No official videos or DVDs of Knightmare episodes have ever been released. In April 2003, Granada Media (owners of Anglia Television) expressed interest in releasing a DVD of all Knightmare episodes, plus additional material such as previously unseen pilot episodes. However, they were unsure about the true scale of demand and how this may be affected by illegal copying. A new petition was run in Summer 2003 and sent to Granada Media - no response was received.

It was said at the the time that 'Whilst fans may have tape-traded Knightmare episodes in the distant past, we think that this will have little affect on the potential sales of a DVD release, as it would certainly be far better picture and sound quality than any old video tapes, and also there is the likelihood of exclusive content.'

The main difficulty with releasing Knightmare in the past was that the actors were not paid royalty fees for video releases etc. at the time of filming. Therefore, a release would involve a large negotiation process with the actors, and it is thought that the revenue generated from a video release would not make the process worthwhile.

ITV Anglia can make single copies of Knightmare episodes for you, but at high cost (£37/£75+). This is because each episode has to be copied individually to order from the original archives and requires use of expensive equipment. Alternatively, people are now uploading extended clips onto video sharing sites such as YouTube.

Although full episode uploads have been made too, cannot endorse these illegal uploads and producer Tim Child has expressed strong disapproval of them. Likewise, the selling of pirate DVD recordings of Knightmare on eBay is also illegal, potentially damaging to Knightmare's future and cannot be condoned.

A DVD campaign run in more recent years via was unable to attain the support needed to make it viable and has since become inactive.

Q5: Can you supply/trade/lend me copies of Knightmare episodes?

We are unable to do this because it is illegal. Whilst there have been various tape traders in the past, most of them have now ceased trading. This was as a result of some unofficial videos appearing for sale on an internet auction site at high cost in April 2003, which resulted in a warning from Tim Child himself. The same applies for DVDs. Any DVDs you see for sale are illegal copies.

Q6: Is this website official or unofficial?

This is an unofficial Knightmare tribute fan site, with some official input from people such as Tim Child, the creator and producer of Knightmare, who wrote the History of Knightmare pages. It is not connected to any of the organisations that were involved in making Knightmare.

The site was launched with much excitement in January 1999. The first internal visitors were Simon Graham, Tim Lee and Haroon Rashid. The first external visitors were Alan Boyd (Series 8 winner) and Ben Maydon (Pooka). Sometime in February 1999, this site got listed in Yahoo! and the visitors began flooding in.

In 2009, founder Nicholas Lam (Illusion) was succeeded as webmaster by Alan Boyd (Mystara). He is assisted in publishing and editing duties by members Keith McDonald (KaM) and David Goldstein (Drassil). The Knightmare Facebook page and Twitter account created by James Aukett have since become affiliated to

An official mini-Knightmare site was launched in November 2000 by the web team as part of the Anglia Gold section. It closed in early 2004 as a result of restructuring at ITV.

As ever, we are hugely thankful to all the contributors to this site over the years who have helped it become what it is today.

Q7: Are you going to put more video clips up?

Clips take a long time to produce, and we have limited spare time to work on the site. I do not intend to put up any more clips since there is a large selection already and many higher quality clips are now being uploaded elsewhere on the internet. We also won't be putting up any full-episode files on the site due to bandwidth restrictions and copyright reasons.

Q8: Can you tell me why V team on W quest in series X did Y when meeting Z...?

We welcome emails on any aspect of Knightmare or this website. However, if you have a question regarding specific teams, quests, series or characters that is not answered on the website, you should ask it in the Knightmare Discussion Forum, where a number of Knightmare 'experts' are on tap.

Q9: Is there any Knightmare merchandise still available?

As of 2005, Knightmare mugs, some of the books and children's size sweatshirts and t-shirts featuring the Frightknight logo were available through Televirtual, but have since become unavailable. Knightmare books, the board game and occasionally old computer games often appear on eBay and Amazon.

As of 2013, official merchandise can be purchased from the online shop run by Knightmare illustrator David Rowe.

Q10: Do you know how I can contact a Knightmare actor or know what they are doing now?

If you want to contact a Knightmare actor, you'll need to write to their agent. To find the agent, try searching on Google or have a look at the Spotlight website as a good starting point.

Over the years we have published various updates of what Knightmare actors are doing now in our news and interviews sections. You can also do a search on the Internet Movie Database for more details.

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