[by Dave Morris]


"The citadel of the assassins is a web - and you are the flies..."

Join Treguard, lord of Knightmare Castle, as he sets off on a quest across Europe in search of the rightful heir to the throne of England - the son of Richard the Lionheart, brought to the Holy Land many years ago by his father.

Read carefully, for as Treguard faces the might of the Assassin hordes, and the challenge of a warrior queen, you too can prepare for the ultimate test - the monstrous puzzles and sorcery of ITV's award-winning game series, Knightmare.

Can Treguard survive in the dark caverns beneath the impregnable Fortress of Death?

Can you?


  • A Corgi Book, Published 1990
  • ISBN 0-552-52638-X
  • For Older Readers
  • UK £2.50


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