[by Dave Morris]

Lord Fear's Domain, seventh book

Unravel my riddles by sunrise - or remain in my world for all eternity...

It is Halloween - when the boundaries between our world and the world of magic are stretched thinly. Tricky Sylvester Hands lures two youngsters through a gateway to the sorcerous world of Knightmare.

From mind-boggling mazes to cunning crosswords, rhyming riddles and perplexing puzzles, the two adventurers now need your help as they face the ultimate test - the monstrous puzzles and sorcery of ITV's award-winning game series, Knightmare.

Pursued by the minions of the dread Lord Fear, can the two successfully meet the challenge?

Can you?


  • Cover features actor Mark Knight in the role of Lord Fear
  • A Yearling Book, Published 1994
  • ISBN 0-440-86336-8
  • For Younger Readers
  • UK £2.99


Previous book: The Dragon's Lair

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