Series 6 (1992). A hatch was the exit from the ship, the Cloudwalker.

Series 6

Knightmare Series 6 was formed of 15 episodes. It was shown on Friday afternoons from 11 September - 18 December 1992.

Key facts

New characters

Other additions

The dungeon had more fixed locations during Series 6, including Holmgarth (Level 1), WitchHaven (Level 2), and the Caverns of Gore (Level 3).

Series 6: What's new?

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Children's ITV - 1992

Children's ITV 1992: Ident banner.

A review of Children's ITV in 1992, particularly the autumn months when Knightmare Series 6 was broadcast.

Gallery 1992

Treguard, Pickle, Hordriss, and Elita in the antechamber.

Promotional images and cast photocards for the sixth series of Knightmare (1992).

Series 6 Quest 1

Series 6, Quest 1. Matt bargains with Ah Wok and Julius Scaramonger in Wolfenden (Level 1).

Team 1: Matt, Razar, Ben and John from Bath.

Series 6 Quest 2

Series 6 Quest 2 - Level 1 - Hordriss summoned

Team 2: Sumayya, Ruminda, Karminy and Zalmina from London.

Series 6 Quest 3

Series 6, Quest 3. Alan meets Haggatty the witch on the outskirts of WitchHaven (Level 2)

Team 3: Alan, Jim, Nick and Mark from St Albans.

Series 6 Quest 4

Series 6 Quest 4 - Lord Fear's ring of phobia.

Team 4: January, Sarah, Sarah and Sian from Shrewsbury.

Series 6 Quest 5

Series 6, Quest 5. Sidriss regains her senses as Sylvester Hands ties up dungeoneer Ben.

Team 5: Ben, James, Alan and Nathan from Salisbury.

Series 6 Quest 6

Series 6, Quest 6. Angry elf Elita demands an apology from dungeoneer Sophia.

Team 6: Sophia, Claire, Kim and Emma from Bournemouth.

Series 6 Quest 7

Series 6, Quest 7. The Witch Queen, Greystagg, fumes at dungeoneer Chris for wearing a witch's robe.

Team 7: Chris, Nicholas, Gavin, and Simon from Ruislip.

Series 6: Characters

Treguard, Pickle, Hordriss, and Elita in the antechamber.

Series 6 saw some newcomers to the dungeon, including Hordriss's daughter and a coven of witches in Level 2.

Series 6: Dungeon

The settlement of Holmgarth in Series 6 (1992).

The Series 6 dungeon included new prominent locations such as Witch Haven, the Cloudwalker and the Caverns of Gore.

Series 6: End of Series

Series 6, End of Series. Lord Fear's red dragon in flight to attack Knightmare Castle.

In a gripping showdown, the final team of Series 6 must stop Lord Fear's red dragon from destroying Knightmare Castle.

Series 6: Overview

Series 6, Quest 6. Sophia attends the Academy of Magic, led by Hordriss the Confuser.

What's new in Series 6 of Knightmare? A summary of the main differences.

Series 6: Teams

Series 6 (1992). A hatch was the exit from the ship, the Cloudwalker.

Series 6 consisted of 7 teams across 15 episodes, with one winning team.

Series 6: Winners

Series 6, Winners. Ben (Team 5) collects a frightknight trophy after completing his quest for the Crown.

There was one winning quest in Series 6. Team 5 from Salisbury retrieved the Crown after 55 minutes.