A look at Children's ITV in 1994, particularly the Autumn when Knightmare was shown.

Children's ITV - 1994

In 1994, Vanessa Chapman was now the Controller of Children's Programmes at ITV. She continued with the out-of-vision continuity established by the previous controller.

Voice: "The toughest challenge on television in a brand new series."

Lord Fear: "Knightmare... Next..."

Another quick trailer for CITV - 'Caution Intense Television Viewing' apparently. Funny that... I thought it stood for something else :) Followed by another plug for 'How 2', which was shown just about before every episode of Knightmare this series.

And yet another one plugging CITV's flagship programmes - Children's Ward, Knightmare, How 2, Wolf!, Bad Influence. 'Welcome To A World Made For For You', apparently:

Voice: "Well next week our four hardy friends lurch deeper into the trap-laden dungeon. Lord Fear doubles his resolve to stop them with even more fearsome foes...

Are they up to the job? Find out next time!"

And here's another CITV trailer demonstrating the wide variety of their programmes. From the screenshot here you can see that Knightmare comes under 'Strategy' - a. war, b. game, c. competition and d. advantage.

Trailer featured a boy wearing a techno- helmet, eventually diving into the CITV logo here.

Locate and enjoy CITV - Made for You

And finally, some screen-shots from CITV's public service information broadcast telling children to be careful on Bonfire night in November 1994 - Stay Safe.

In 1998, Nigel Pickard became the new controller and decided to revert to an in-vision service, with new presenters and a new studio. In 2004 though CITV lost their studios which were converted into the Central Newsrooms', and once again out-of-vision continuity was used.

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