Most of the rooms in level 3 of series 2 were reused from previous series, sometimes with minor modificiations.

Level 3 Entrance

This was the first room of level 3. This shot is taken from team 2, who were the first team to reach level 3 in this series.

The only other team which had reached level 3 so far was the last team of series 1.


Treguard: "Welcome to level 3 team, here every step is danger."


This wall monster can give you some information on the prompt of "I command you."


But don't hand around too long, as he is dangerous when he starts turning blue.


Clue Room

The main level 3 clue room was usually fairly quiet place. Just remember that the only way is onwards and downwards (some teams tried to exit using the stairs).


Jericho 6

This room was usually used mid-way through level 3 as a place to meet Merlin once more to gain further clues. The same room was also used once in level 2 at the end of the series showing dungeoneer Karen at the end of her quest.


Cavernwight Cavern

This chamber contained quest clues and often cavernwights. In this picture, the team is redeeming a piece of the Talisman as it is the object of their quest.


The Medusa

This strange wall monster will turn you into stone if you stare at it too long! Advisors take it in turn to guide the dungeoneer to the exit.


The Dragon

The dozing dragon. Wants to eat you, but a bit stupid.


Stained Glass

A place of magic. Here, this team used a 'DARK' spell to determine which path to take. Other teams had clue items on the floor to help them. Take the wrong path, and you'll probably die straight away. This room was unusual as the exits are situated at the other end of the room!


The final stages of level 3 were fantastic. 
To find out what happens next, visit the Winners section.

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