Many of the powers that be in series 6 while some of the characters were from previous series.

Please refer to Series 5 - The Powers That Be for full descriptions and sounds of characters who also appeared in series 5.

Treguard and Pickle


As usual.

Motley and Sidriss

Sidriss was a new addition to the cast this year. She was the daughter of Hordriss, thereby fairly knowledgeable (although not accomplished) in magic. She became Motley's best friend - a sort of replacement for Mellisandre - although they fell out occasionally over pranks that went wrong. Like Mellisandre, Sidriss got herself into trouble occasionally, and became seen as an easy target for the opposition.


Treguard: "This is a Troubadour. In this realm there are no newspapers, so players like these gather and distribute news."

Lord Fear: "He'd try it on with a goblin if he caught it in a dress."

The 'famous Ridolfo' is an affable and cavalier musician, often suffering from his misdeeds with ladies. A useful source of passwords and causeway codes.

Ah Wok

The new Oriental trader, and more well-meaning rival to the dubitable Julius Scaramonger (the Opposition's trader). Portrayed with a strong accent to provide deliberate confusion in a few cases.

Ah Wok: "Loll up, loll up... How you do?"

Hordriss the Confuser

Treguard: "Strictly speaking, Hordriss is unaligned, but most of the time he takes our side."

Hordriss was predictably unpredictable in this series. Sometimes he would disguise himself for some reason. The tribulations of his daughter, Sidriss, which made her an easy target for the opposition, brought Hordriss into closer alignment with the Powers that Be.


Transports dungeoneers between levels, normally for a fare (although occasionally without). In addition, from this series he was magically given a voice, so he has been entered as a character.

Smirkenorff: "If you've come for a ride, you must have the fare." (He particularly liked dragon mints!) "Most acceptable."


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