How many characters do you remember from the first series of Knightmare? Here's a summary below!

Treguard the Dungeon Master

The host of Knightmare and master of ceremonies. Treguard presided over the gameplay from an antechamber in Knightmare Castle. He summoned teams of youngsters, sent them forth into the dungeon, and monitored their progress.

Welcome, watchers of illusion, to the Castle of Confusion.

Treguard's assistance was fairly limited in the early seasons of Knightmare, and sometimes it was foiled by other characters. In Series 1, he taught the teams how to spell-cast and provided information about rooms or characters that the team encountered.

He kept the game moving by dropping occasional hints about puzzles or providing warnings about life-force status. It was generally clear that the teams' fate lay in their own hands. Treguard was often frank when revealing how or where they had gone wrong.

The famous catchphrase, 'Ooh, nasty!' emerged half way through the first series, though it did not become a mainstay until later years.

Wall Monsters – Olgarth and Granitas

Two rival wall monsters, Olgarth and Granitas, rotated guard duty of the Level 1 clue room. These malignant creatures tested the dungeoneers with riddles, rewarding them with knowledge according to their scores.

Any team that answered all three riddles correctly was able to call out 'I command you' for a bonus. This would normally reveal exactly which objects to take to ensure the team's survival.


Not all teams survived the uncompromising Lillith. She sat above a giant gorge in Level 1 and normally required a pledge or gift before she would summon her causeway, which allowed the dungeoneer to cross. Her mood and behaviour were unpredictable, and she was often found ill or unkempt.

Her ability to sense the interactions from the antechamber also made her quite sinister. She established dominance over Treguard by banishing his apparition from her chamber and tried to intimidate the advisors if they thwarted her attempts to guide the dungeoneer astray.


Known for his giddy laughter, Folly was a jester found throughout the dungeon. His appearances ranged from the very beginning of Level 1 to the end of Level 2.

Folly’s clever wit, usually delivered in rhyme, helped some teams and hindered others. He managed to outfox the belligerent Cedric in a battle of insults in one of Knightmare’s longest scenes.


Cedric the Monk guarded the threshold to Level 2 and tested the teams with riddles - often when they were in need of food. Depending on their scores, he would begrudgingly offer a password or a spell.

He disliked being outsmarted and spouted insults regularly at dungeoneers. However, when challenged by Folly to a contest of insults, he found himself lacking and eventually begged for mercy.


The magician of legend. Merlin was eccentric and excitable, and often introduced himself by other names.

His antechamber was a library or study located deep in Level 2 and normally contained some magical apparatus that could be used to summon him. He tested teams with riddles and supplied magic to those who performed well.

His key, Casper, would often be found in the Level 2 clue room and would help teams navigate their way to Merlin's chamber.

Guards (Gumboil / Gibbet)

The wellways to the next level of the dungeon were often guarded.

Gumboil the 'Orrid was found at the end of Level 1, demanding a password for safe passage. He found himself vulnerable to magic.

Gibbet (pictured) was a sullen Celt who guarded the wellway to Level 3. He wasn't particularly fond of intruders, so it's fortunate that he only met two. His brisk manner pressured one team into a foolish mistake, giving him a genuine impact in his short tenure.


Series Credits

Treguard was played by Hugo Myatt
Olgarth and Granitas were played by Guy Standeven
Lillith was played by Mary Miller
Monk (Cedric) and Casper were played by Lawrence Werber
Knight (Gumboil) and the Giant were played by Edmund Dehn
Merlin and Mogdred were played by John Woodnutt
Folly and Gibbet were played by Alec Westwood

Devised and written by Tim Child
Illustrations by David Rowe
Computer Animation by Robert Harris
Produced and Directed by Sally Freeman

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