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Most of the rooms in Level 2 of Series 2 were reused from Series 1, sometimes with minor modificiations.

Level 2 Entrance

This chamber was usually the first room of level 2, and was usually guarded by Cedric, but sometimes Mogdred or a ghost.


Cedric: "Intruder alert, Level 2 - the password at once, or you perish!"

Clue Room

The main Level 2 clue room was often haunted by a cavernwraith. In the left picture, this dungeoneer caused a 'destructor effect' by opening the bottle on the table. The right picture shows Mogdred. See the original painting of this room by artist David Rowe.


Axe Room

This room sometimes contained a quest piece, or was manned by a guard. Here, Cedric, under command, makes short work of Gumboil to allow the team passage.



Ariadne's Lair

Speed is essential here, and as you can see with the team on the right, some were not quick enough.


Five Doors

These rooms usually feature at the start of level 2 and involves choosing which path to take. On the left, Gretel tries to remember a number sequence to aid the choosing. On the right, you take the door which displays your quest object:



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