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Rooms of level 3, series 3 were almost entirely  retouched or reused from previous series, with the exception of one or two simple computer generated (or enhanced) rooms.

CRASH, as the cart hits the end of the mineshaft...

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Dwarf Tunnels

Were beige coloured in Level 3.

Dwarf Tunnels Beige

Clue Room

The same room as used in Series 2. Mogdred appeared here too.

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Guarded Chamber

Cavenwights around in this place and even hobgoblins (pictured), guarding energy sprites and quest segments.


Merlin's Room

As seen behind the Wall of Jericho in Series 2. This room was used for teams to call Merlin for further clues.

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The Medusa

Same as in series 2 except the need to avoid staring at it was removed. A simple spell would stall the Medusa for a short period while they made their exit.

The symbol above the door is not actually a quest piece - teams got confused with this.

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Morghanna's Causeway

This scene was only ever shown once. A very narrow pathway, which appeared early in Level 3 for Ross' quest. Morghanna taunted in the background, before sending a magic axe in pursuit. Picture from Team 6 (Ross)

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