Series 4 Level 2 included a number of rooms that were based on photographs of real locations such as forests and castle interiors.

Level 2 Entrance

Passing through the remains of Dungarth, this was usually the first room of level 2, and usually guarded. The dungeoneer would be seen falling from above the screen as they had just gone down a wellway. On the right is the first room of level 2 as seen in Jeremy's quest.

Pool Room

This place often featured Gundrada. The picture on the right is a view from the eyeshield on the way out.

Clue Room

This was the clue room of this level, again, very different from the previous series!


Another view from the eyeshield leading into another room, where Merlin was bound in the stocks. In fact, the stocks and pillory were used many times in this series with Motley, Merlin and Mellisandre all victims.

Block & Tackle

Treguard: "Take care, team. Nothing here is stable."

The dungeoneers had to avoid the collapsing floor on the far left, whilst dodging the blocks which moved across from right to left and then back again. This killed several teams by blocks hitting them or by the floor breaking up, or by just making the team panic so much that they say "sidestep to your left", instead of right (the floor starts breaking up from the left). This, along with the corridor of blades in Level 3, were the ultimate quest killers of this series.


This room often featured Merlin or Brother Mace who could offer further clues, items or magic.

Doorkis - The Weeping Door

The same calling was required, and three 'true or false' questions were asked. Two correct would let you through (as opposed to one in Level 1 with Dooreen).

Doorkis: "Truth will out, and so will you."

The picture on the right shows the roof coming down as the dungeoneer walked through.

Dunkley Wood

Pickle: "There is an elf-path ... but it won't be easy to find."

As seen through the eyeshield. Pickle said that his people's name for the wood roughly translated to "The Old Place".

Picture on the right shows dungeoneer Dickon (Team 6) on his quest.

Ariadne's Lair

This was in two parts, as shown. The web made any clue objects difficult to see in the picture on the right. Here, a FREEZE spell was used to give the team valuable time to make their escape, but it only lasted for seconds. Another team used their joker card and called Motley to the rescue.


The Boatman would take the dungeoneer across to the castle where steps down to Level 3 were to be found. By the way, the location of these background shots is Leeds Castle in Kent!

Stairway to Level 3

There was no wellway to Level 3, but a very long flight of steps to the lower level.

Treguard: "Now listen, team. That which you call Level 3 must be somewhere below this fortress, if only you can find it."

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