Series 4 level 3 included a number of rooms that were based on photographs of real locations such castle interiors. A number of rooms were also based on classical techniques used in earlier series.

Clue Room

This was the clue room of this level; again, very different from the previous series! This room actually once appeared in level 2 on Jeremy's quest, where an evil eye was present causing a quick drain on life force.


Transporter Pads

Treguard: "This is a transporter pad, step right for one journey, step left for another."

Pickle: "But always remember to step back to the centre, or the journey will be longer than you intended."

Basically, you have to avoid the Frightknight on the left of the screen.



But no ordinary bridge. The blocks of the bridge would start dropping below your feet. Spanned three screens.

This would be started off by either Mogdred or Malice when the teams decided not to pledge to them.


Entrance to Corridor

This was the entrance to the Corridor of Blades, a room which looked very similar to the circular clue room. Skulls quite often hovered, while teams had no idea of what to expect in a few seconds.


The Corridor of Blades

This was the other ultimate killer in Knightmare, so good that this feature stayed for the rest of Knightmare's history. Pickle would start the team off by saying:

Pickle: "Move to the left wall... Guide him well, team. Guide him!"

More and more blades approached from left and right, top and bottom.



This was the weeping door of level 3. It only appeared once, in Dickon's winning quest, but the principle remained the same, except the team needed all three riddles correct to pass through.


For more, see the Winners page

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