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Events in 2016

Developments in the world of Knightmare in 2016


3rd March 2016: Hugo Myatt at Wales Comic Con

After Simon from Swansea took that rather consequential sidestep to his left and the team had been dismissed in Series 4, Pickle remarked to Treguard: "So much for Welsh wizardry."

It seems that Treguard (Hugo Myatt) has decided to investigate the wizardry for himself, because he's due to be a guest at Wales Comic Con in Wrexham on 23rd-24th April 2016.

31st March 2016: Hugo Myatt in Last Man On Earth

Hugo Myatt appears as the on-screen narrator in theatre rock show Benjamin Bloom's Last Man On Earth - and your next chance to see it is this weekend.

There's a trailer for Last Man On Earth here. However accustomed you are to the famous Hugo Myatt stare, you may never have been on the receiving end from a screen as big as that...

Tickets are still available to see Last Man On Earth this Saturday (2nd April) at the Millfield Theatre in Enfield. Keep an eye on Benjamin's website and social media for future chances to see the show.


9th April 2016: Knightmare in Isy Suttie's book

Comedian Isy Suttie is known for being a Knightmare enthusiast, first as a watcher and then as an actor after appearing as Treguard's assistant in the Geek Week episode. It's no surprise that her 2016 book The Actual One: How I tried, and failed, to remain twenty-something for ever mentions Knightmare (though in fairness, Isy said it would).

The first two mentions come in response to Isy not being mentioned in her boyfriend's parents' round-robin Christmas letter:

His parents hadn't excluded me out of malice - it just hadn't occurred to them. I could have won an Olympic medal, or broken a world record for watching back-to-back episodes of ITV's seminal fantasy gaming show Knightmare (ah, another unfulfilled ambition - Knightmare, not the Olympics), but it wouldn't have crossed their minds to mention me.

Isy Suttie

Isy also mentions Knightmare in connection with a hipster party she attends, at which she encounters an Alice in Wonderland room.

On a table next to the door of the room was a vial of what looked like absinthe with a sign saying, 'Drink me' Sellotaped to it, a few sweaty hot-dog sausages on a paper plate with a bite taken out of one, and a silver key which I discovered was actually tinfoil wrapped around a real key, which was already silver. It was like Knightmare, except real. Anything could happen!

Isy Suttie

Then a fellow partygoer talks to her in rhyme, which for a Knightmare fan was perhaps quite comforting.

You can buy The Actual One on Amazon.


14th May 2016: John Woodnutt in Jeeves and Wooster

Not just in Jeeves and Wooster. He has the first line of the entire TV series. The TV channel 'Yesterday' has started repeating the 1990s comedy drama Jeeves and Wooster. Episode 1, shown earlier this week, begins with a clash of national treasures as Bertie Wooster (Hugh Laurie) faces judgement in court from Sir Watkyn Bassett (John Woodnutt).

The episode was first shown in April 1990, eight months before John Woodnutt made his final appearances in Knightmare as Merlin and Mogdred, having been part of the Knightmare cast since Series 1 in 1987.

23rd May 2016: Hugo Myatt to star in Bewilder Box

Hugo Myatt (Treguard) from Knightmare is due to star in the upcoming new sci-fi themed immersive team game, Bewilder Box. Myatt will play the role of Dr Wilder in the new gaming experience, which is due to open in Brighton this summer.

The creators of Bewilder Box are now hoping to raise £3,000 to complete the project.

29th May 2016: Duncan Jones and Knightmare

Duncan Jones, director of the forthcoming Warcraft film, remembers Knightmare. We've known this pleasing fact for a good few years. In 2012, Duncan responded to a tweet (no longer visible) 'I bet you was on Knightmare' with 'haha! I DREAMED of being on that show! :)'

Later in the year, Duncan (a.k.a. @ManMadeMoon on Twitter) remarked that a recreation of Robot Wars between Mars rovers - summed up by a fellow Twitter user as ' Left left left! (four minutes later) *Curiosity falls in fire pit*' - would be a 'bit like "Knightmare"'.

Duncan was a guest on Episode 808 of The Nerdist podcast, released last week. One of the topics was interactive television gaming. Duncan again recalled Knightmare's gameplay, but in the heat of the moment, not its name. Due to some confusion off-mic, Duncan was told that the series was called "Master of the Maze". There was a US gameshow in the mid-1990s called Masters of the Maze, with one round involving a blindfolded contestant being guided by a teammate. But as we're sure you'll agree, 'similar to Knightmare' and 'Knightmare' just aren't the same thing. (A Knightmare pilot was made for the US in the early '90s: Lords of The Game. But that's another story.)


28th September 2016: Isy Suttie in Damned

Suttie stars in social services sitcom. Three years after appearing as 'unpaid intern' Daisy in the YouTube Geek Week episode of Knightmare, Isy Suttie is playing a temp in a new series on Channel 4.

Isy co-stars in the sitcom Damned as the happy yet hapless Nat Moore, working in the chaotic office of the children's services department of Dunshelm Heath... sorry, Elm Heath Council. She has described the character as 'really fun to play, because we could kind of go anywhere with it, just because we didn't want her to be that stereotypical bimbo'.

Damned is on at 10pm on Tuesdays. You can find clips and broadcast episodes on Channel 4's official Damned page.

Isy's memoir The Actual One was published earlier this year. Although Isy recently had to cancel several of her book tour dates due to illness, the book itself - complete with Knightmare references - is still available via isysuttie.com.


20th October 2016: Knightmare in The Telegraph

Knightmare is covered in The Telegraph's article on 'bonkers fantasy adventure shows'.

The article by Ed Power is titled The Crystal Maze shows how today's reality TV has lost the fun factor. Commenting on the recent celebrity special of The Crystal Maze, it also reminisces about '80s/'90s game shows Knightmare, The Adventure Game, Fort Boyard and Cyberzone (the BBC virtual reality series from the makers of Knightmare).

22nd October 2016: Knightmare on MailOnline

The Daily Mail has included Knightmare in its gallery of 70 years of children's TV.

To mark 70 years since children's programming began on British television with the BBC's Muffin the Mule, the Daily Mail has put together an online photo quiz covering kids' TV from every decade. We're pleased to see Knightmare under the 1980s section, present (well, past) and correct.

Treguard normally prefers to browse Chainmail Online but is prepared to make an exception in this case.

Thanks to a combination of original terrestrial showings and satellite channel repeats, Knightmare has been part of the TV schedules in every decade from the '80s onward. Onward, of course, being the only way. Thank you for watching.


In 2013, Victoria Woollaston wrote on the return of Knightmare on YouTube as part of Youtube's Geek Week.

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