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Events in 2004

Developments in the world of Knightmare in 2004


1st January 2004: Knightmare on Challenge Series 4

Another chance to see Series 4 on Challenge. From 10th January 2004 it will be shown every weekend morning at 8.30am, repeated 3am. If you're not up that early/late, don't forget to set your VCRs!

Before anyone asks, we do not know if and when Challenge will be showing another series, such as Series 6. As with previous series, this will depend on on the viewing figures and commercial impact of Series 5. We understand that the situation will be reviewed in January. As soon as anything is announced the information will be on this website straight away.

1st January 2004: Five years of Knightmare.com!

Today marks five years of this website, which launched on 1st January 1999.

Back then we had no idea how many people would be interested in visiting, considering Knightmare had not been on TV for five years. Thankfully those concerns quickly evaporated as the word spread and visitors flooded in!

In the last five years we've had well over well over 300,000 hits and over 1,000 people sign the guestbooks.

The website has also had a few mentions on various radio stations, but by far the most popular period for the website was after Channel 4 broadcast the 100 Greatest Kids TV Shows in August 2001.

Thousands of people searched for Knightmare on the web after being reminded of the show on TV. A more recent success has been the Knightmare Forum. It's been a little over one year since the new forum was launched, and over 400 members have subscribed posting a whopping 16,000 posts in 950 topics!

We have also managed to uncover a lot of historical information about Knightmare that fans, actors and production staff have been able to contribute. Such material had not been available in the public domain in the past.

Former contestants have been supplying stories, reviews and photos of their experiences. Actors and production staff have been able to answer questions from fans, and supplying behind the scenes information. Ultimately we also were able to find out the real reasons behind Knightmare's demise, which had been puzzling people many for years.

Interest in Knightmare has been increasing in recent years, despite it being nearly 10 years since the original series ended. This has led to repeats on TV and development plans for a new Knightmare.

We would like to say thank you to all those who have contributed to this site over the last five years, as without this the site would not be as comprehensive as it is now. Please keep them coming!

11th January 2004: Knightmare Lexicon

The Interactive Knightmare website has just launched a new feature called 'Lexicon'.

The Lexicon is intended to become a Knightmare dictionary/encyclopaedia by means of input from Knightmare fans.

Hopefully this will lead to a large Knightmare frame of reference. If you have time, feed it with knowledge!

Thanks to Forester for the information.


24th February 2004: Treguard on Dick & Dom in Da Bungalow

In February 2004, Hugo Myatt made his first appearance as Treguard in 10 years on CBBC's 'Dick & Dom in Da Bungalow'.

The episode was shown on 21 February 2004 on BBC One, from 9-11am. He spent the whole show standing behind bars, with the camera cutting to him for about a second at certain times during the show.

At the end of the show, just after the credits finished, he gave his trademark "Ooooh, nasty" to the camera.

For those wondering of any possible link, the producer of Dick & Dom is Steve Ryde, the continuity announcer for CITV during Knightmare's run. Steve Ryde is a signer of the Knightmare.com guestbook.


1st March 2004: Knightmare Forum Back

We are pleased to announce that the Knightmare Discussion Forum is now back online after nearly two weeks of downtime due to problems with one of our hosting providers.

Members should now find the forum much faster than before, as it has been moved to a new server. We look forward to seeing you on the forum again soon!

1st March 2004: Mentions on Dream FM and LUSH FM

Knightmare and this website was mentioned by DJ Alex Warwick on on Dream 107.7 (Chelmsford, Essex).

He also mentioned it on LUSH FM (Leicester University's radio station). Thanks to Ian Smith for this snippet of knews.


4th May 2004: We're Back Online

As luck would have it, we only just got the forum back up and running again, and then a week later the main knightmare.com website went down due to problems with the hosting provider (sound familiar?!).

Anyway, we are now back online again (if you are reading this) on a new host. Apologies for the problems, but as you may be aware this site is run in our spare time and receives no funding, so it can take time to find the right solution.

Aside to that, we have also changed software for the Knightmare Discussion Forum to make it faster and more reliable. All previous messages and user accounts have been converted, although all users will need to re-login (please use the 'Forgot Password' facility on the login screen if you've forgotten your password).


19th July 2004: Knightmare on Challenge Update

From 4th September 2004, Knightmare moves to Saturday and Sunday mornings (time to be confirmed), with a late night repeat. These will be double episodes, giving us 4 episodes per weekend.

Unfortunately Knightmare has not been getting sufficient viewing figures recently to maintain the weekday evening slot, however it will continue at weekends from September.

Series 3 is currently being repeated again, and they plan to continue until end of Series 8. It is not known yet whether all episodes will be repeated again, but here's hoping! On behalf of the Knightmare fan base we would like to thank Challenge for purchasing all series of Knightmare and showing them in prime time.


9th September 2004: Iain Lee Talks Knightmare

Iain Lee on mentioned Knightmare LBC on 97.3FM (London) on 19th August 2004, during a phone-in about old TV shows. Iain mentioned Knightmare to a caller, asking if he remembers it, which the caller did.

Iain made a brief description of the show and mentioned that it's on Challenge TV every night. Obviously a fan!

Then the next call was from a old lady who said that she never watched Knightmare much originally, but now does so every evening and would not be distracted by anything!

26th September 2004: Win an Eyeshield

Starting Monday 27th September 2004, we will be running a Caption Competition to win an original Eyeshield as featured in Knightmare!

The prize is the red Eyeshield as featured in the final episode of Series 7.

The prize was kindly donated by Tim Child and he will select the winning entry.

The competition runs for at least two weeks, and you can enter from Monday at Interactive Knightmare.

Other Years

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