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Events in 2002

Developments in the world of Knightmare in 2002


1st January 2002: 3 Years of this Site!

We cannot believe it's already 3 years since this site launched in January 1999. We're sure you'll agree a huge amount of information has been added to the site since, and there's a lot more stuff to come - but you'll have to wait to see.

On 12 December 2001 the site reached 100,000 hits, and more than 300 people on the mailing list.

By far the biggest boost came on 27 August 2001 - the day after Knightmare featured in Channel 4's 100 Greatest Kids' TV Shows.

Thanks for visiting!


25th March 2002: Edmund Dehn in Cradle of Fear

Knightmare actor Edmund Dehn plays a major role in a new low-budget horror film, Cradle of Fear.

Dehn, who played Gumboil, the Automatum, Igneous and the Giant in Knightmare Series 1 and 2 (1987-88), plays Detective Nielson in the film.

Thanks to Grilly for the information.

25th March 2002: 1360 Squadron Air Training Corps

We had a nice e-mail from Emily who is an Air Cadet at 1360 (Stapleford) Squadron Air Training Corps in Nottingham. Once every 2-3 weeks they do a Challenge Exercise where they are split into groups and take part in several tasks during at night.

1360 (Stapleford) Squadron Air Training Corps

Emily came up with the idea to do a Knightmare exercise, involving the Squadron Headquarters being divided up into different dungeon rooms.

A replica helmet of justice was to be made as was various props and costumes. Her plan was approved by their Cadet Warrant Officer (CWO), and it went ahead on the night of 21st March 2002, with all the Corporals, Sergeants, Flight Sergeants and CWOs getting into character.

I'm told that it went very well. Most of the 35 cadets remembered Knightmare (the age range is 12-19) which helped a lot.

See the pre-event photo of some of the people who took part.


1st May 2002: Iona Kennedy in All About Me

Iona Kennedy (Sidriss and Greystagg) appeared in the comedy 'All About Me' on BBC One on 12th April 2002.

Appearing alongside Jasper Carrott and Meera Syal, she played a nurse in the children's ward.

Thanks to Anthony Hobson for the information.

1st May 2002: 96 Trent FM Nottingham

This site and bringbackknightmare.co.uk was mentioned on 96 Trent FM on 19 April. Emily Bradshaw phoned in and mentioned the petition. So now you know :)

Hello to everyone who has visited this site as a result!


9th September 2002: Knightmare Mentioned on 107.2 Wire FM

Knightmare got a mention on 107.2 Wire FM in Warrington during a phone-in show about listeners' favourite TV shows.

Thanks to Simon Appleton for the information.

9th September 2002: CITV Starfinder Similar to Knightmare

CITV is set to launch a new show similar to Knightmare called Starfinder from Easter next year. Controller of CITV, Janie Grace, said:

It has some of the qualities of KNIGHTMARE but has better narrative and has the advantage of technology.

Janie Grace

We don't have any further information so if you know more, please let us know.

Thanks to Jon Oborne who wrote to CITV.

9th September 2002: Bring Back Knightmare - Please Re-sign

Due to a technical hitch with the ISP that hosts bringbackknightmare.co.uk, all petition signatures made before 4th September 2002 have been lost (c. 2400 entries).

Please re-sign the petition at bringbackknightmare.co.uk

9th September 2002: Jackie Sawiris Signs Guestbook!

Jackie Sawiris, who played Majida in Knightmare, recently signed the Guestbook after being contacted by a fan.

Name: Jackie Sawiris - aka Majida

How did you find this website? Cyber search at the suggestion of BIG FAN / Knightmare documentary producer Debbie Glover (thank you!!)

Where are you from? Half-Jordanian, half-Egyptian, born in Libya, raised in America, living... all over the place!

"EVERYONE should be so lucky to have THAT MUCH FUN working on a TV series!!! Hugo Hugo Hugo - I miss you!"


18th November 2002: Hugo Myatt in Dick Whittington

This year, Hugo Myatt (Treguard) will once again be directing AND starring as King Rat in the pantomime Dick Whittington.

The performance runs from Friday 13 December 2002 until Saturday 11 January 2003 at the Wyvern Theatre, Swindon

Also starring will be Geoffrey from Rainbow! More information from swindonweb.com.

There was an article about Hugo on thisiswiltshire.co.uk (subtitled 'Why Hugo loves being a baddie!')

19th November 2002: Challenge to show Knightmare from Xmas

It has been confirmed that Challenge TV has bought the rights to show SERIES 3 (1989) of Knightmare as part of its 'Christmas Cult Selection' season.

This is certainly the best Knightmare news since the Sci-Fi Channel stopped showing Knightmare in October 1998.

Challenge? is available on cable and satellite.

30th November 2002: Challenge Knightmare Schedule

Confirmed details of the schedule for Series 3 on Challenge:

The above episodes will be shown as part of Challenge's 'Christmas Cult Selection' slot, sometime between 2pm-5pm and repeated 9pm-Midnight. A short Knightmare documentary will be played immediately before each episode.

Starting on 4th January, Series 3 will be repeated again from Episode 1

You can now vote in the Christmas Cult Selection poll at Challenge. There will be a countdown of the results on New Year's Day. If Knightmare wins, episode 3 will be shown on that date!

If the viewing figures are good enough, it is likely that more episodes, series, and possibly a longer documentary will be scheduled.


22nd December 2002: Knightmare on CITV?

On 3rd January 2003 from 9.25am-10.45am, ITV will be showing the 'CITV Birthday Bash'. This is a celebration of 20 years of CITV.

There have been rumours that an episode of Knightmare may be shown during this slot. It is very likely that Knightmare will be featured in some way, so keep an eye on the show.

UPDATE: See how the CITV Birthday Bash turned out.

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