Series 4 level 1 included a number of rooms that were based on photographs of real locations such as forests and castles.

The Place of Choice

Treguard: "The quest you choose here will select a path for you to follow."

Always the first room of each quest. The spinning disc looks like the same one used for the 'Spindizzy' in series 3!

For each quest there would be two possible paths to take, offering a choice of two out of the four possible items: the Cup, Crown, Shield or Sword.

In fact, although this obstacle looks pretty simple, many dungeoneers lost their balance and nearly fell, in particular Team 2.

Dooris: the Weeping Drawbridge

Treguard: "This one is called Dooris. Truth will open it, and that's the only key that works."

Teams had to call out: "True and False, False and True, open up and let us through" to wake Dooris. Dooris would ask three questions, and the teams would answer true or false.

Dooris: "Oh dear, oh dear. Oh, how dreadful. It's a human."

"Oh dear, oh dear. I hear, I hear."

For Dooris, one correct answer would enable the team to pass through. All teams managed this.

Eye Shield Room

Pickle: "This is the shield that can see for itself. That's a bonus to any quest..."

Treguard: "It may take some to make best use of its powers. For it to work best, it must get used to its wearer."

This room featured at the beginning of all quests. There would usually be a character in the room, such as Hordriss or Malice, who would set a challenge to the team to redeem something with the promise of magic in return. To aid them on the quest, the character would gift the Eye Shield.

Forest of Dun

Treguard: "Listen team, the dungeon that you challenge is constantly growing, and now it has become so great it can no longer be accessed only from this castle."

This place was also known as 'The Old Place' (as translated by Pickle).

Werewolves howl in the background, and Pickle advised teams to find and stay on the elf-path.

Pickle: "To the Forest of Dun, the Foolhardy come. / And though they soon learn, they seldom return"

Pickle: "Assassins lurk here, other things too, including the odd stray goblin... The Assassins, though are particularly nasty, and difficult to spot."


Oakley: "Test you we will, and test you now. Crush you we will if you fail."

This was the Level 1 'clue room' of this series. The rules remained the same. The more correct answers, the more clues the team would get to decide which objects should be taken. If you score 3, you get maximum information, but without calling "I command you" (like you had to in the last series).

Oakley: "Leaf mold and bark! Stand still, thief."

Oakley: "I trust you now. Take what you need and leave in peace."

Castle Approaches

Some other bits of level 1...

The Inn - The Crazed Heifer

The inn was also known as 'The Crazed Heifer' as Pickle said. The left picture shows an early Pooka. Inside the inn, either Motley or Mellisandre would be here to offer food and help, but to stay long is to raise suspicions from the locals.

The Fortress of Doom

This is the fortress called 'Doom' as seen from the Eye Shield.

The Remains of Dungarth

This fortress was usually guarded by Fatilla.

Treguard: "Once the proud palace of men and a sanctuary from the predators of the forest, but now guarded by the opposition."

On many occasions, Goblins would be present in the forests and around castles.

Treguard: "Warning team, a goblin hunting path has crossed your trail."

Assassins and the Ogre were also around, although less often.

The Lizard

This was put into a couple of quests, with the task to just get the hell out of there.

Moving Corridor

The same style corridor was used for the Corridor of Blades in level 3. This corridor contained doors along both sides, and teams had to find ways of stopping the conveyor. Ideas included turning around an egg timer, or throwing a spanner down, objects collected from the clue rooms.

Wellways to Level 2

This was usually always guarded. On the left picture, an assassin was present and the dungeoneer had to shout very loud to scare it away... only to some back seconds later.

Treguard: "They're cautious and extremely cowardly and won't strike if there's any sign of resistance."

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