Series 7 had one of the largest collections of characters on the side of the powers-that-be with 11 members.

Treguard and Majida

Treguard, as ever the Dungeon Master didn't really appreciate his new assistant replacing Pickle at the start of the season but things gradually got better.

The banter between them was knice, though:

This was common at the end of all episodes...

Treguard: "Well, I can predict one thing for certain. If you don't step back when the path closes, the door's going to take your nose off."


Majida: "What's wrong with my nose!?"

Rothberry - The Apothecary

The Alchemist and Healing Man. Always found with a stall full of potions for trading with gold or whatever the dungeoneer may have. Once seen creating a potion and it blew up!


'Thief Extraordinaire and Lock Master'

Keys and lots of them. Often he would usually unlock doors for you (including access to Smirkenorff) in return for giving him a key.


A Celtic wizard. His quest in the Dungeon, (although he was sent unwillingly), was to find the Brollachan, give it back its knowledge and return it, and himself, to their proper time and dimension. Hence why he always tried to get into Goth. (Thanks to Sidriss Starshine for this extra info).

Grimaldine: "I am Grimaldine, sometimes of the grey but always of the green... I wish you no harm."


"What would you like, then? Food? Drink? Or maybe some information?"

Usually found in the inn serving customers bread or ale, including to one Sylvester Hands.


The Airone (or Air Wan?). Also known as dragon rider.

Guardian of Smirkenorff to protect his species from extinction from those who want to destroy him.

Hordriss and Sidriss

As the last season.

The Opposition found both of them an easy target to play tricks on. Sidriss was once found trapped in a bottle, and Lord Fear decided to change Lissard into Marta to trick Hordriss.

Brother Strange

"Greetings, travellers."

Usually found in the Dwarf Tunnels of level 1 providing information or warnings to travellers.


Transports dungeoneers between levels 1 and 2 after being paid usually in the form of a firestone. In this season, Smirkenorff always flew over his new computer animated mountains ('The Great Rift of Angar'), and landed in misty surroundings. Also more communication with dungeoneers and characters.


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