TV appearances by Knightmare cast members during September 2013.

Seeing an actor from Knightmare in a completely different TV series can be a rare treat. For instance, the late John Woodnutt (Merlin, Mogdred) appeared as Mr. Merryweather in a 1985 episode of The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes that was repeated on 24th September on ITV3. And Rayner Bourton (Julius Scaramonger, Skarkill) turned up as a caretaker in the 1982 episode of The Professionals that was reshown on ITV4 on 18th September.

If you missed either of these, help is at hand from ITV Player for the next few weeks, free. See the episode of The Professionals (Discovered in a Graveyard, Series 4 Episode 11), and the episode of The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes (The Redheaded League, Series 1 Episode 12).

Thank you to Canadanne on the Forum for this news.


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