A number of new characters on the side of the powers that be were introduced in series 5.

Character descriptions are taken from 'The Quest'



The host of Knightmare and warren of Knightmare Castle, is also custodian of the electronic catacombs that make up television's toughest game show.

The sardonic Dungeon Master is now in his fifth series and is a deep fund of knowledge, where the arts of dungeoneering are concerned.


The dungeon master's elvish assistant is also keeper of the Book of Quests, and archivist for The Powers That Be. A deep hatred for The Opposition makes Pickle a handy ally for any team, but his enthusiasm sometimes carries him beyond the hounds of good sense and careful gameplay.

Has special knowledge of forests, and some other obscure parts of the dungeon world.

Brother Mace


An extremely loud and large Friar Tuck type who laughs at his own jokes. Uses bad Latin. Always a help, this Tavern Monk who occasionally walks the path of sobriety himself will often elicit information from the wary dungeoneer as a test of his intelligence.

Motley the Jester


A charming scoundrel from the back streets of Olde London Towne. Motley may be somewhat ragged in appearance but is intensely proud of his chosen profession as "perfessional entertainer." Ever available to provide useful hints to dungeoneers, he scorns charity and usually demands something in return!

Gwendoline the Greenwarden

A sort of female Robin Hood. However, her prime role is protection of the Greenwood and its natural environment, rather than redressing the balance between rich and poor. A formidable archer and hunter, the Greenwarden serves The Powers That Be and has the task of passing dungeoneers safely through the principal forests of Wolfglade and Greenshades.

Sir Hugh de Wittless


This lone hero is the medieval equivalent of the Flying Dutchman. The curse laid upon him is a compulsion to rescue anyone he encounters - even when the subject has no desire to he rescued! Described as "several plates short of a suit of armour" Sir Hugh is short on brains but long on bravery. His enduring good nature and optimism make him very hard to dislike. Very fond of his horse, Neddy.

Hordriss the Confuser


Now Wizard of the First Level of Magyck, the ultra-proud and ultra pompous Hordriss is still plotting his way towards further advancement in his chosen field. Often his aims and objectives lead him to alliance with a passing dungeoneer. Hordriss can he a useful ally as many a questing Knightmare team has discovered. Special care must be taken to avoid offending his dignity.



The tree troll is another guardian of the Greenwood and an ally of Gwendoline.

Occasionally surly and grumpy (particularly in late autumn) Oakley warms to those humans who display knowledge of the Forest.

Pixel the Pixie


Pixel and her needle are a formidable combination, and the closest thing to an airforce that the dungeon possess. The spiky Pixel is suspicious (hence the lack of a photo of her) but hates Goblins and thieves. Enlist her aid and she can prove a powerful ally against all but armoured opposition.

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