Level 1 of series 7 used a combination of techniques for rooms, including photography of real locations, sets assembled in the studio and computer generated imagery.

Dwarf Tunnels

Used in levels 1 and 2, sometimes inhabited by Raptor and goblins, or Brother Strange.

You might also find clue objects scattered around the place.

Treguard: "Ah... dwarf tunnels, or as Majida would say 'Long rooms for short people'. Mind you don't meet any big people in there..."

Team 1 used a SIGHT spell in the dwarf tunnels to give in-helmet vision to their dungeoneer.

Castle Surrounds

Castle ruins, and a view of the portal from the eyeshield (right).

Castle dunes, and a view of the portal from the eyeshield (right)

Castle grounds, and a view of the area from the eyeshield (right)

Castle courtyards, guarded by trolls.

Castle entrances, which came at different parts of the level, surprisingly.

Clue Rooms

When not found in Grimdale or the castle surrounds, the clue rooms were as shown.

The Arches

Here shows Rothberry's potion table.

The same room used as a stairwell:

Grimaldine's Study

Hall where Grimaldine hung around quite a lot.

Sidriss' Hideout

A hideout for Sidriss and Bethsemane. Treguard: 'It's almost bound to be packed with secrets, some of them magic.'


A 'sanctuary', according to Treguard. A place of trade and spying, but not too much danger, apart from Rothberry's experiments and occasional stray goblin patrols. The new apothecary's stall was located outside of town because of his alchemical explosions. Encountered by the teams of girls.

Moving Block

The three moving floor segments alternate in sequence, and good timing was essential.

There is another version of this room in level 2 with fireballs shot across the stable areas.

Additional rooms

A leafy area of Level 1. Here, Nicola (team 2) rescues Romahna from Sylvester Hands

Courtyard with Fidjit in the stocks. He cannot conjure his way out of that.

Deep Inside the Castle

Penultimate room for Level 1. On Romahna's advice, they take the high door (right).

End of Level / Smirkenorff

Some entrances to Smirkenorff's nesting lairs were locked. Fidjit unlocks with keys (left), while Romahna uses the calling (right).

Sometimes the gate did not need unlocking, but Smirkenorff came to Nicola's aid (right) by dispatching Raptor.

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