The adversaries in Series 7, also including some more neutral characters.

Lord Fear

The Leader of the Opposition returns in a new environment called 'The Black Tower of Goth'. Called in a wall monster called 'The Brollachan' to find Smirkenorff and kill him, which never actually happened as it was more interested in gaining knowledge as Lord Fear never taught him anything.



'Tuna breath'. Lord Fear's new henchman to help him set up tricks and traps for the 'kidsies'.

Once impersonated Marta to trick Hordriss, but was uncovered by a dungeoneer.




The new master of the goblins, Grippa and Rhark.

Sylvester Hands


As in the previous series, except this season Lord Fear gave him a 'dayorf' for the first time ever, and he decided to do some fishing in a barrel!



The Witch Queen. As in the previous series, she isn't really on the side of The Powers that Be nor The Opposition. I've put her here because she needs to go somewhere!

Her calling was 'Gwen'.

The Brollachan - DragonSlayer


A shape-shifter robbed of all its knowledge and pulled through time from Cornwall by Lord Fear to try to destroy Smirkenorff.

Thanks to Sidriss Starshine for this extra info.

Also travelled through walls in search of knowledge from dungeoneers - It would ask three questions, but as he doesn't know if the answers are correct you could confidently guess and get away with it.

Brollachan: ""I hunger... feed me with knowledge!"

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