The dungeon's more hostile inhabitants included several new names for Series 8.

Lord Fear and Lissard


Lord Fear: "I really do like looking down on everyone else... comes naturally you know."

The Leader of the Opposition and his henchman Lissard returns in yet another new environment - a Fortress called Marblehead. Some excellent synoptic scripting led to more light-heartedness mixed with fright. We see Fear playing Dungeon Monopoly, witnessing the schizoid Bhal-Shebah arguing with itself, and dishing out the usual abuse to his hapless minions. On the darker side, Fear is shown plotting with the increasingly devious Lissard to fool Hordriss, and to oust the infringing Maldame.

Lord Fear presents his new video wall (showing a picture of Marblehead) to Lissard, replacing the Pool of Veracity.


Lissard: "Wildness!"

Lord Fear: "16 Million Colours, Stereo Sound, Auto Scan and Remote Surf across levels 1, 2 and 3... Automatic spy glass detection. And automatic counter measures... If they get cocky with the spy glass, then my defences will automatically zap them with an 18 Megawatt fireball."




Snapper-Jack is a fool-taker. He asks three riddles, two of which had to be answered correctly. This was made slightly more difficult by him not fully revealing whether submitted answers were correct or not. All teams managed to pass his challenge, although Sidriss required a helping hand. His arm had been bitten off by a snapdragon and regrown as one, Snapper.


Honesty Bartram


Honesty Bartram was a replacement in kind for Julius Scaramonger, although probably not imbued with the same kind of popularity. An ambivalent but well-meaning dealer in second hand charms and potions, Bartram would sell just about anything for gold and silver. If Lord Fear developed a working relationship with Scaramonger, he bullied Bartram into submission, although teams could convince him to see reason. Bartram appeared throughout the dungeon, including Linghorm and the Marblehead approach.




Maldame was presumably a replacement for Greystagg. Equally unpredictable and difficult to deal with, Maldame was created to take a more forthright opposition to Fear in the struggle for power between opposition factions. The Witches' resistance to Fear had been quashed by his destruction of Witch Haven and the Amber Forest. But Maldame, aptly summoned by 'Spite' (also one calling name of Malice in Series 4), was a cold and opportunistic sorceress, determined to force her hand in Lord Fear's territory. She ends up making his Linghorm Castle her own, with designs for further advancement. She is supposed to have faced the reborn Firestorm of Marblehead during the course of the penultimate quest, and the last quest implies that she remained.

Maldame's underground domain, the Mireworld, was said to be the size of the United Kingdom. Fans of political satire may enjoy comparing her to a former UK Prime Minister.




Retuning for another season 'earning his ship's biscuit'. Master of the Miremen this year, since he was seen with Miremen but not goblins this season. Raptor did not appear often this series, and was perhaps a rather spent force. Ironically, the Miremen were always more threatening when he was not there.


Sylvester Hands


Another one from the old school, Sly returned for his fourth consecutive year. Once again, the butt of Fear's frustration and sarcasm. Sly Hands had little chance of success with Stiletta prowling Level 1, and one team convincingly impersonating Lord Fear.




Red dragon with two argumentative personalities, Bhal and Shebah. Highly dangerous, pursuing teams even in Level 1. Lord Fear (not an equal opportunities employer) eventually loses patience and brainwashes it to assume a new identity, 'Firestorm of Marblehead'. We never see the rehabilitated dragon, but we understand its purpose is to destroy Linghorm with Maldame inside during the penultimate quest. The final quest tells us that Linghorm still stood and that Maldame still lived (She who would be queen). Because Dunston escaped via Hordriss and not Maldame, we don't know whether the dragon raided or survived!

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