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Series 3 began the introduction of rooms that were computer generated that previous series and level 2 featured many of these as well as a number of new rooms.


After descending the wellway, you find yourself on a spinning disc, with five doors. Doors were usually marked with clues; you just need to make sure that you jump off at the right moment.

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Mills of Doom

Same as Series 2, but with the occasional flying bat. Mostly used as an alternative entrance room.


Dwarf Tunnels

The tunnels between rooms in Level 2 were red.


Clue Room

Similar to Series 2, but more blue rather than grey. An Oracle of Confusion might be found here and could yield cryptic clues about the quest.

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Room of Many Doors

This room featured a variety of tricks and characters. Showing Hordriss the Confuser here.

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Giant's Foot

This room was adapted from Series 2. Instead of symbols, a giant's foot lands randomly across the span of several doors!

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Merlin's Chamber

Almost every quest that reached this far encountered Merlin in his chamber, although one team (Team 9) even perished here.

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To reveal the steps and form the pathway, the dungeoneer has to perform various actions, which would have been learnt during the quest.



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