Series 5 level 3 used a combination of photography and computer generated imagery. Unlike in previous series, the photography used natural colouring rather than modified colouring.

Sarah, Keeley, Helen and William from Northampton

...were the first to reach level 3.

Here, there were unusually two scrolls in the same place, one of which was a 'ghost' spell. The team took a key and the ruby.


Then, they spent ages deciding whether to give Elita a ruby. They did in the end, but she did not help them in return as it they took far too long.


As a result of not getting help from Elita, they were killed off in the Corridor of Blades.



Ben, John, Ray and Jonathan from Exeter

...were the next to reach level 3, and turned out to be the winning team.

Level 3 was also known as 'Winteria', and was ruled by Aesandre, the ice sorceress.


However, not everywhere looked that cold.

Hordriss wanted the team to find a bone, so they got one from Elita in return for a green stone.

These rooms look more familiar.

The team encounter Hordriss and exchange the bone for magic.


The Block and Tackle? Not quite.

It was adapted in this series and was used here when the team froze Aesandre.


To find out what happens next to this team, visit the Winners section.

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