Level 2 of series 6 was achieved almost entirely using photography of real locations, particularly castle interiors.

Castle Ruins

The Undercroft

A long chamber, often split into two parts given its length. Often, the teams' escape would take them off to the side, however, and eye-shield sequences would lead away to an alternative portal.



The most significant character-type addition to series 6 were the witches, and the proposed alliance between Lord Fear and Queen Greystagg proved the spine of the wider synopsis across the series. WitchHaven included courtyards, a firebomb-room for Peggatty, a solar room, and Greystagg's Chamber. It also led to a chapel in quest 2, and the witches had assumed control of the level 2 causeway by the final quest.


Featured once, for Dreadnort's only victim.


Similar styled causeways. In the final quest of the season [below, right], both causeways had an additional hazard of a scroll to consult on a non-safe tile. In this case, the team had to learn the name of the guarding pooka and dispell it.

The Rocks of Bruin

Treguard: "It's a place of legend... Don't ask. You wouldn't like to know."

Introduced as a sinister location towards the end of level 2, and a place to mobilise attempted ambushes for the opposition. It didn't seem to pose a great deal of direct threat. Heggatty, Sidriss and a disguised Hordriss all made appearances here.

End of Level

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