Level 3 of Series 7 was almost entirely computer generated. Movement through some rooms (such as the sewers) was animated whereas other rooms were static, and produced using a combination of photos to create textures.

The Black Tower of Goth

The Opposition's new virtual environment for this season.


Clue Rooms


Various uses, including as clue room and as an alternative way of restoring energy by catching dripping water from the roof!

Generic Rooms


Various uses, including the Brollachan, Lord Fear encounter, and the quest object rooms.

The Sewers of Goth


The first line of defence. You need a boat ride across this one.

Play Your Cards Right


Fiendish puzzle. Played by touching the appropriate card on the wall. If correct, this would reveal the next set of cards, and the ledge to step on. If the wrong card is selected, the ledge beneath you would retract and you fall...

An explanation of how the game worked can be found on the Series 8: Level 2 page.

The Corridor of Blades


The Corridor of Blades returns for a fourth season, albeit used only once this year.


To see more how these rooms were used in sequence, see the Winners I, and Winners II / End of Season pages.

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