Level 2 of series 7 used a combination of techniques for rooms, including photography of real locations, sets assembled in the studio and computer generated imagery.

Rift of Angar

The bottom of a mountain in the Rift of Angar where Smirkenorff always landed.

Also sometimes giant trolls would guard the entrance, with a moving axe.

Clue Rooms


As seen in Series 6. Only once shown in full with two parts.

Tapesty Room

Room with painting. Various uses, including the Brollachan, Rothberry, Hordriss, Sylvester Hands or Raptor.

Academy of Magic

This room, dubbed the 'Level 2 Academy of Magic', is seen occasionally in the later stages of the series, fronted by Hordriss or Sidriss, both of whom have an audience. Interestingly, Hordriss performs magic in one scene (left), while Sidriss refuses to in the other (right), prompting Fidjit to allow the team into the Firebomb Room (below).

Firebomb Room

The same room as the one in level 1, except this version has fireballs. The blocks on the floor move sideways in sequence, and fireballs are fired from the walls in between. Often teams would be prompted here to use whatever they had to give their dungeoneer extra vision, usually in the form of a spell. Picture shows Team 1 doing exactly that.

The Inn

In previous series at 'The Crazed Heiffer', Fear refers to it this year as 'The Mad Cow'! Marta does the serving here. Another tavern environment (perhaps part of the same), is seen in Barry's quest (right)

Greystagg's Chamber

Trial By Spikes

This needs a combination to complete, which teams would usually have picked up on spying on the opposition, or as a reward for helping someone. It would be in the format of '1 forward, 4 right; 1 forward, 5 left etc.' The spikes itself would pop up and down, obviously.

Again, teams were encouraged to use any magic they have for extra vision.


Miscellaneous Rooms

Hands' 'Dayorf'. Also used in Level 1 of this quest as Sidriss' Hideout.

Familiar rooms, the Hall from S5 (left), and a Blocker room from S6 (right)

End of Level

This room was used for various things, including as a portal to Smirkenorff.


Now in its 3rd season. This transported dungeoneers between levels 2 and 3, but the number of floors it travelled down was much reduced.

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