There were several returning characters in Series 2, and a few that were new to the dungeon.

Treguard - The Dungeon Master

Treguard offered advice to the teams, and sometimes interacted with characters to keep order. He was occasionally restrained by Mogdred and joined in with 'back-to-front' day (experienced by Team 13).

Bumptious - The Dwarf

A dwarf found in Level 2. He was fond of his rule book, and often began an official enquiry into how the dungeoneer entered the mines. He is usually encouraging and a good source of clues.

Folly - The Jester

Folly shaped the storyline of several quests. He gave clues and advice, usually delivered in wit and good humour. There was a twist when he confessed his admiration for the Maid and lost his folderol; Team 11 was tasked with finding it.

Gretel - The Maid

Gretel was a regular presence throughout Levels 1 and 2 and was a rich source of help. Like Folly, she influenced the storyline of several quests, and was successfully rescued by one of the winning teams.

Lillith - The Sorceress

An unpredictable sorceress found only in her domain, by the Serpent's Mouth in Level 1. Several hapless teams perished at her hands. Lillith could overpower Treguard, and remained a formidable obstacle in Level 1.

The Oracle of Confusion

The Oracle was a mystical presence that could deliver knowledge but without cohesion. Teams had to listen carefully and work out what might be useful for their own quest.

Treguard: "To hear it speak, shut your eyes tightly, and raise the helmet slightly above your head."

Cedric - The Mad Monk

Cedric, the 'Mad Monk', was usually found in the first room of Level 2. He gave three riddles and would offer or refuse aid depending on the score. He also cropped up occasionally as a guard, and clobbered a dungeoneer when the team failed to cast the correct spell.

Merlin - The Wizard

The intrepid wizard returned in his library chamber. He asked riddles in return for clues and magic. He could also be summoned in Level 3 by dungeoneers who ventured far enough, offering additional help.

Mildread - The Witch

The devious Mildread enjoyed tricking dungeoneers, especially by impersonating Treguard or one of the advisors. Sometimes, she wanted something for her cauldron, which could form the wellway to Level 2.


Mogdred was the dark side of Merlin’s magic and was found in the lower levels. His mission was to scare dungeoneers (and watchers!) and lead teams astray. One team perished in one of his 'playpens'. Nasty!

Olaf - The Viking

A likeable but stupid Viking, who demanded lootings and pillaging. He was easily persuaded to take anything the teams wanted to offer, and was even conned into accepting a fictitious 'Philosopher's Stone'.

Gumboil - The Guard

A guard, normally found drunk and disorderly in Level 2. He would demand a password (and sometimes other bribes) for passage. Fell victim to spells, Folly's tricks, and the end of Cedric's club.

The Troll

The troll occupied the same ledge in Level 1, and would always become hungry when dungeoneers showed up. He could be tricked, dodged or persuaded not to eat the dungeoneers.

Casper - The Key

The talking key was an experiment by Merlin. Casper was sometimes found in the Level 2 clue room. It was useful for opening doors, so teams would usually expect to take it, but it also caused some consternation by insulting characters.

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