Level 1 of series 6 was achieved almost entirely using photography of real locations or sets assembled in the studios.

Dwarf Tunnels

Used at various points in the dungeon, these tunnels might contain food, objects, skeletons. Also used by goblins. You never know who might be following...

Treguard: "Lord Fear has seized the advantage, and now even level 1 is patrolled by his minions. These mine-workings go deeper, and by-pass his first line of defence."

Choice of Paths

A quest choice room brought back after a break in series 5, this is where teams chose which of the four quest objects to retrieve.

Treguard: "All equally dangerous, all equally rewarding... Choose just one and choose your pathway into peril."


Not known to Pickle, but it was to Treguard. A settlement likely to be the last safe area of the quest. With safehouse.

Clue rooms were referred to more as 'Supply Chambers' in this series.

Supply Chambers

Guarded Hut

Innocuous place, but Lord Fear's hand and the Dreadnaught both appeared here.


With a market, and traders Ah Wok and Julius Scaramonger.

Pickle: "Ahh, this is more like it, Master. Level 1 as we know it!"

Castle Ruins

One with Sidriss; the other with that rather rude Elita.


With added Frightknight timer.

Treguard: "When the sword of the Frightknight reaches the red dot, part of the causeway will fall away."

Some, for added tension and trickery, did not have the added timer.


Password required.


Resurrected from series 4. Pickle suggested that it may have been taken over by witches.

Blue Room

Seen in series 5. Quite eerie, and haunted by pookas and goblins.

The Crazed Heifer

New character Ridolfo adopted Motley's entertainment duties.


Clearing used in level 1 plots involving Sidriss and Motley.

The Lake


End of Level / Smirkenorff

Wits and/or fare required.

As well as Smirkenorff, the Descender from the previous series was used to go between levels. This season it was changed so that it would start and stop automatically, without teams needing to know how many levels to go down.

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