Level 1 of series 8 was entirely computer generated. Unlike previous seasons, the computer imagery was based on complex textures and lighting effects. Rooms here have a consistent aesthetic for a signature look to Level 1.

Dwarf Tunnels

These mostly appeared only at the start of quests, and were cut towards the end of the series. They were inhabited by snapdragons, which would lunge at the dungeoneer from the side walls. Dungeoneers might encounter Level 1 characters here, such as Stiletta or Brother Strange (pictured interrogating a dungeoneer).

Treguard: "These Snapdragons... if they get a grip, it's fatal, so keep a good look out."


Clue Room

With a clue table and some objects of interest. As usual, clue places would almost always have a scroll and a spy glass to give hints to teams on which objects they should take.


Fireball Alley

Teams always entered this room close to the left wall. Fireballs are shot out from the top of the room from the crosses in the far wall. The team had to guide the dungeoneer from left to right whilst dodging the fireballs. This was made trickier when older teams were chased by goblins, and it turned out to be one of the locations for the infamous short-cut to Level 3.


Generic Room

Team 1 meeting Stiletta (left). Locked by a rune puzzle in team 3's quest (right). These could be unlocked by the guiding the cursor from the Reach wand to the correct rune in the sequence and firing.


Fireball Chamber

A tough puzzle, reminiscent of the Beam rooms from the early series. Fireballs were shot down from above, removing panels from the floor. Guiding the dungeoneer quickly in a straight line would normally defeat the sequence. The aame obstacle appeared on other levels too.



The new home for Smirkenorff, which was only revealed in the second half of the short series. He spent most of his time sleeping here, but would speak to dungeoneers, giving them spells/charms in exchange for a firestone. Dunstan's quest (Team 6) told a dragon joke, which made Smirkenorff crack up with laughter! He did not fly dungeoneers this season, although he was commanded by Treguard to collect Oliver at the season end.


End of Level / Trapdoor Room

Team 2 here about to take the trapdoor down to level 2. This one was guarded by a Skeletron.

Teams generally needed something to break the fall. Most common was a FLOAT spell (Rothberry uses a flying potion here) and you can see the new animated spell book.

Another version of the trapdoor, this time locked by a rune-puzzle. Team 1 here did not get the combination to unlock it without Stiletta's cryptography, and Motley makes a swift exit as the red dragon, Bhal-Shebah, approaches.

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