Castle Locations

Castle Acre PrioryCastle RisingSherbourne Old CastleCamber CastleBodiam Castle


Castle Acre Priory, Norfolk - The 'Ruins of Dungarth' (Series 4)

Castle Rising, Norfolk (Front) - The 'Fortress of Doom' (Series 4)

Castle Rising, Norfolk (Stairs) - and the same castle from Journeys into Medieval England.

Sherbourne Old Castle, Dorset - Smirkenorff flight sequence (Series 5)

Camber Castle, East Sussex - Level 2 landing (Series 5)

Bodiam Castle, East Sussex - from The National Trust (Bodiam Castle) 1991: Smirkenorff's landing (Series 5)

Bodiam Castle, East Sussex - Wellway (Series 5)

Bodiam Castle, East Sussex - Bodiam Castle (Thanks to James for this taken from the See Inside a Castle book)

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