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Series 3 began the introduction of rooms that were computer generated that previous series and level 1 featured many of these.


This room appeared at the beginning of all quests. The dungeoneer rolls the dice once, and a giant dice appears, and reveals three doors. One door would usually have a symbol on top of it to indicate the path to take.

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Dwarf Tunnels

Between each room, you travel through a dwarf tunnel of various lengths. Level 1 tunnels were blue. Check out those animated bats, but watch out who might be following...

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Clue Rooms

The clue rooms were inhabited by wall monsters Golgarach and Brangwen, replacing Olgarth, Igneous and Granitas from series 2, but still the same rooms were used. Computerised faces were used for the first time, although the mouth was still 'real'. The rules remained the same - clues and quest items were earned by answering 3 riddles. The more correct answers, the more clues the team would be awarded to help decide which objects should be taken, or for use later in their quest. With a full score, the dungeoneer can call out "I command you" and gain a bonus clue.


Dreaded Kaa

Self-explanatory, although the snake never really harmed anyone:


Serpent's Tongue

Recognise this serpent? It was Lillith's Lair in series 2, but now it's a moving tongue that forms a platform. You need to get your timing right to step on the tongue, and then off at the ledge:

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Monster's Stomach

Some teams were not so lucky and fell in the mouth into its stomach! One team managed to get out by throwing an egg!


Open Ground / Vale of Vanburn

Ariadne's Lair from Series 2 was adapted in this series to form this room. Sometimes guarded by Velda, offering clues and information. The room led on to a long green path through the Vale of Vanburn, with quicksand on the darker areas:

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This season, the ledge was split into two sections, otherwise similar to the one in Series 2:


Water Room

Various uses for this new addition for this series, including having to drain the water to reveal an exit and fishing an exit out using a rod!

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The Great Corridor of the Catacomb

In Level 1 of this series, it is a wall which gradually moves towards you, or an enemy (ogre or goblins) advancing from further up the corridor.

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